320GB hard drive only 160

  sean-278262 15:32 22 Jan 2008

I purchased an asus f3sv laptop it arrived today. On opening I discovered it only has a 160gb hard disk with another 160gb one bundled as an external accessory. I purchased from laptopsdirect

click here

this is the laptop. According to the site it says it has a 320gb hard drive (note not hard drives) I am going to call them about this as I purchased based upon the idea I was getting a very good deal to have such space and other specs as well.

I called their sales department to make the purchase asking specifically how it was configured and was assured twice by the rep that it was 2 internal 160gb drives. No mention made of one internal and one external.

I have now also discovered that they list in the questions page about it that they also say it is 2 interal 120gb hard drives (assuming a typo) with no mention of any external drives.

I am extremely annoyed at this and want to know what recourse to take because I was sold the machine on the basis it had a 320gb hard drive which I was looking forward to porting my entire music collection off of my 320gb external drive to the laptop as I would have plenty of space to spare. Now I cannot do that because it obviously wont have any space after 100gb of music.

  sean-278262 15:34 22 Jan 2008

On another note their receipt to me states this as well

ASUS F3SV- C2D T7500 2.2Ghz, 2048MB, 15.4" TFT, 1.3mp webcam, nVidia Geforce 8600M 256MB,320GB HDD, DVD RW, BT, Vista Ultimate

Again with 320gb.

  Stuartli 16:41 22 Jan 2008

See, for instance:

click here

It appears, judging by specifications listed by other retailers to be an error by laptopsdirect in the description i.e. it should be 160GBx2.

As you were sold the laptop on the basis that it was a single 320GB hard drive, then you will have a case of misrepresenttion.

Also see:

click here

  sean-278262 17:08 22 Jan 2008

Yes I was sold it on the basis that it had 2 160gb internal drives. Sadly most sites dont list the ap077g model details merely most saying 2 x 160gb.

If you read the "product feedback section it states that the system has 2 x 120gb internal drives.

Therefore because of this confusion I wanted to check out the specs by calling up. They told me twice on the phone it was going to be 2 internal drives. The guy even went as far as to advise me saying it would increase battery life and make the laptop perform better because it has 2 separate drives.

Sadly I dont have another laptop available my last one now lying in a corner dead waiting to be gutted for resale on ebay. Therefore I want to know what recourse to take with the company as I would of purchased a similarly specified laptop at tesco instead. It was the hard drive and the 2 year warranty that made my spend that little bit more of my budget.

  Why wont it work 17:52 22 Jan 2008

Does the laptop come with the Intel 3945ABG or 4965AGN wireless card as advertised (see in device manager)? Just out of interest really, a friend bought one of those and it had a 3945abg.

  sean-278262 17:55 22 Jan 2008

Yes mine came with the latter as advertised card.

  Stuartli 20:33 22 Jan 2008

I've slightly misunderstood your original thread in which you originally give the impression it's one 320GB hard drive (which initially seemed a very large capacity for a laptop).

It's up to you now. You've been assured it was two internal drives, yet one is external, so a verbal contract has been broken.

Can you live with one of the drives being external, or would you prefer accept a refund and wait for a laptop with a larger hard drive capacity than 160GB?

  €dstowe 14:55 23 Jan 2008

I think I would prefer the system as delivered instead of one 320GB drive.

You can still do as you originally intended with it but also, you can use the external drive as a backup drive to keep separate (and safer) away from the main computer.

You do keep a full system backup, don't you?

  sean-278262 15:56 23 Jan 2008

weekly. The reason I dont want a portable drive is the fact I have an external 320gb drive that I use for back ups so another external drive is little if not pointless. The data I need to back up is about 40GB the rest is general messing about with video editing. So thus the wanting to have a nice large internal drive to play about with it all.

On the back ups front I do a weekly main back up and also every 6 months or so a back up of data to DVD to both remove it from the laptop and keep it on a medium other than the hard drive to be doubly sure.

I'm just very annoyed that I was told it was 2 separate internal drives and find its not because I would of liked to keep video editing separate.

  oresome 16:44 23 Jan 2008


If you've not done so already, I'd register your complaint with the company. The quicker the better to get a favourable to you response.

  sean-278262 16:48 23 Jan 2008

Cheers for the comments everyone.

oresome I have registered a complaint with them yesterday. If I dont get a reply by tomorrow I will certainly email them again.

I usually am first to help people in this situation however I always feel a 3rd parties opinion helps as when it is you involved you always end up with one set mindset even if you try not to.

It is highly annoying because as I say I did specifically ask if it was 2 internal drives and was assured it was and as I say told it would make it better on the battery so it was clearly not a slip up of language.

I will keep this open and post back what happens. If anyone else wants to comment feel free. Anything extra to add will certainly make it feel better as I'm still pretty annoyed at this.

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