£30 increase within 10 minutes.

  dagnammit 23:04 02 Jul 2009

Done my usual research online before going shopping for a new phone. Limited my options to either a W980 walkman Sony Ericsson at £129 checked on Carphone Warehouse's website and the Nokia 5800 music phone priced at £185 on Phones4u's site.

Both these stores are located in the same shopping mall and I went between the two of them. First visit to Phones4u the handset was priced £195, £10 more than their website. Confirmed this with a sales assistant and then headed to carphone and discovered they had no stock of the w980. So I go back to Phones4u...

Of course I barely got through the door and someone pounced. I walked to the 5800 and the ticket now said £225! The chappy argued that it was that price all week, and I was wrong, but when my wife and I insisted it said (and another member of staff said) not ten minutes ago it was £195 he admitted he changed the price.

Travelled to Carphone Warehouse's next branch and got a w980 for the listed £129.

Phones4u = possibly some sort of con. Charging different prices at different times of the day.

  UK Sub 00:21 03 Jul 2009

As a manager of a shop that answers to an head office (that cant make up thier minds up as to which offers they want from one day to the next), I would say that they were probably meant to change the price hours before you went in, but they didn't see the fax, memo, communication, or even had a trainee open up the store that morning (the possibilities are endless).

You enquiring about the phone may even of jogged thier/someones memory that they were meant to change it.

Happens to me all the time when I send some to do something I know I should of done myself (and no I don't work for Phones4u).

  dagnammit 00:38 03 Jul 2009

Their website still shows, as of the time of this post, a price of £185.70 and £40 between web and store is ridiculous. I probably won't visit them again.

DSG, Jessops, Tescos, Argos & Carphone and more all have websites that mirror their stores. If it's a web only price it's marked as such and means I don't have to waste my time going into a branch.

I don't like buying online unless there's no other option.

  dagnammit 00:43 03 Jul 2009

£40 between web and store is ridiculous.

I should have said also that I accept the HighStreet costs more and have often paid more for the convenience of not waiting on deliveries and having a physical place to return to.

  UK Sub 01:22 03 Jul 2009

That's the key I think, the website now has a lower price (don't they always).

I do agree they should of been honest with you over changing the ticket and apologized, as a manager I would of and at least stepped in and tried to offer you a good deal on something (even if I couldn't give you that exact phone at that exact price) if you had pushed them (phoning customer relations works wonders) they may have honored it.

My other half had a bad experience with Phones4u a few years ago (a cash back offer) and I have never entered thier door to this date.

  ronalddonald 18:25 03 Jul 2009

you saw a differnt price which was higher walk away and dont buy it

  dagnammit 00:00 04 Jul 2009

I was shocked to see a price increase in the space of 10 minutes. Anyway paying a bit more in a shop is only to be expected... there's sales ass's to pay wages to, high rent and so on. That said Phones4u were, or rather, are asking too much.

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