3 (Three Website) as in 3 Mobile website help

  Killo Bite 22:30 05 Oct 2007

Can someon please try and access the mobile phone network website called 3 (click here)

Have been trying all afternoon and now but just keeps going page unavailable.

Thanks in advance

  josie mayhem 22:49 05 Oct 2007

haven't got a clue what the problem is, I've just tried with the computer no go in fact it is still trying! But the phone is accessing (planet 3 thingy) all right!!!!

  cycoze 22:52 05 Oct 2007

Its slow but i can get on ok.

  spuds 23:03 05 Oct 2007

It will open but its very slow. Must be heavy load on server?.

  Killo Bite 23:06 05 Oct 2007

Yes, seems they have a down problem of some kind. Bit worried as I have just gone on contract with them and wanted to access the site.

Don't suppose I could ask a for some help re 3 and my new fone.

Now I got my new mobile, to view my Monthly bill do I have to register on their website for this or is it a postal thing ?

Also which number from landline is for asking them about contract upgrades if known.

Also any way to actually disable Planet cos I didn't subscibe to it but see it on my display sony Erickson K800i

Appreciate for tryin the website.


  Killo Bite 23:07 05 Oct 2007

already confirmed slow access if it loads, I time out

  Killo Bite 00:05 06 Oct 2007

thank u all !

  josie mayhem 00:35 06 Oct 2007

No, you can access your details by your phone, just look for my3 and that should take you there...

There is no need to internet access via a computer at all....

I've been with 3 for over 3 years, and I very rarely use my pc to access the internet for billing ect... If I won't to check I use the phone.... A lot easier and quicker...

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