3 Pin Plugs

  carver 07:30 18 Mar 2010

Sorry if it's already been posted but I have to get some of these click here A brilliant idea and why hasn't any body thought of it years ago.

  Colin 08:16 18 Mar 2010

Very good idea, but why do the sockets in the photo look like they've been dredged up from the bottom of a pond? Or is that The Register's sense of humour?

  anchor 08:23 18 Mar 2010

I agree, an excellent design. The main problem is that most/all electrical devices come with a fitted welded plug. The manufacturers will need to make the change.

  Chris the Ancient 08:56 19 Mar 2010

But... can you get a d.i.y fitting one? These don't look as though these have any screws on them so that they can be opened.

  wiz-king 09:01 19 Mar 2010

I wonder if the wires rotate with the pins or if there is a sliding contact strip in the body - either way it could cause over heating if the plug is used at anywhere maximum amperage.

  carver 09:21 19 Mar 2010

I think that it will be aimed more at the portable product with low amp usage, laptops would be an ideal use, no more having to worry about those 3 pins sticking out on a normal plug.

  wiz-king 12:27 19 Mar 2010

To be marketed in the UK it will need to useable at the full rated current of the BS/DIN standard for that type of connector ie 13A.

  jakimo 13:28 19 Mar 2010

A very clever innovation,

Perhaps Min-Kyo Choi will now create a cleaner just as brilliant to clean the wall socket

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:31 19 Mar 2010

I may be mistaken but I'm sure I have seen something very similar in the late nineties.


  anchor 13:42 25 Mar 2010

There does not seem to be any space for a fuse.

  bremner 14:32 25 Mar 2010

anchor - if you look at the picture of the folded plug it clearly says it is fused - I think it is behind the red bit.

Gandalf - I remember working with some plugs from the 90's that had the 'handle' concept but were normal size. they were aimed at those with weak hands/wrists but were quite expensive.

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