3 mobile - Denying I cancelled my contract

  Didmore 00:39 24 Sep 2009

I'd be grateful for any advice people might be able to offer on where I might stand with the following problem.

I cancelled my mobile phone contract with 3 Mobile on 12 February this year. I was outside of my minimum contract period so simply had to give 1 months notice. I gave notice of the cancellation by calling the customer service line and was offered numerous inducements to stay, which I turned down as I was going to be working away from home for 6 months in a far away place and thus had no need for a mobile phone. I was informed that my last bill would be issued on 13 March 2009 and that would settle the account.

Having returned home I now find that 3 have continued to debit my monthly contract fee from my account for the last six months despite my cancelling the contract (the location of my job meant I have been unable to keep a close eye on every coming and going in my bank account so I have only just noticed this).

I have contacted 3, explained te problem and asked them to refund what they owe me. I have pointed out that not only has the phone not been used since 12 February but it hasn't even been turned on. 3 claimed that they have no record of any cancellation request and then kindly offered to upgrade my phone/contract! Out of respect for other users and the forum editor I shall refrain from posting my response...

I have pointed out that they state that all calls are recorded and therefore they must have a record of my call, but they continue to deny I called to cancel my contract. I have therefore cancelled the direct debit (yes I know I should have done this in the first place but unfortunately real life sometimes intervenes and doesn't allow you the time to do what you should) I now fully expect to receive a threatening letter for my failure to pay the latest monthly fee.

It seems to me that I don't have a leg to stand on. Is there any way I might go about resolving this or do I simply have to accept that 3 Mobile are (purely in my opinion) a bunch of thieving ****!



  bjh 10:14 24 Sep 2009

I'm not on 3, but my Orange and O2 accounts online allow me to print out numbers called.... will this not show, say, a 15 minute call to the customer service line on the date you stated, and then they should have to explain what else they have recorded during that time, if not a request to leave...

  spuds 11:12 24 Sep 2009

When I deal with this type of thing, I always ask for a reference to the conversation. Usually the reply might be that the conversation is recorded for future reference purposes, but this isn't very clever if that statement cannot be proven, either by yourself or the company involved.

Personally I would contact one of the watchdogs of this industry for further advice.

Perhaps one of these might help in your quest?:
click here
click here
click here

  ol blueeyes 14:18 24 Sep 2009

I trust you have instructed your Bank not to make any more Payments. If it's a Direct Debit you can cancel yourselfas long as you advise the Company concerned that you are so doing.
Then set about reclaiming what they have stolen from your account.

  Forum Editor 18:21 24 Sep 2009

Let's not have any sweeping statements about stealing - nobody has stolen anything from anyone's account.

  Forum Editor 18:28 24 Sep 2009

and of course I'm sure you realise that it would perhaps have been wiser to confirm the cancellation via email - then you would have a record of it.

You made the cancellation by phone, and if it was from your mobile phone there will be a record of the call and its duration on 3's server log. You should also have a record of it on your itemised bill, and that at least is evidence that you called. It won't be evidence that you gave notice to cancel, but then what else did you call for? The company will find it difficult to come up with an answer that isn't the right one.

Challenge them on the call log, and invite them to deny that there is a record of your call - see what they say.

In the meantime make sure that you record the question by following up with an email. State the facts for the record, and tell them that you have instructed your bank to meet no further requests for payment. It's important that you notify the company in writing (email is fine) of your action, and the reasons for it.

  namtas 18:39 24 Sep 2009

If a transaction could be have a monetary implication, whether it be a simple change request or a cancellation. I always request a confirmation in writing, or if refused, second best follow up the request in writing noting the name of the person who I dealt with.
Unfortunately with a telephone conversation you have no back up.

  Willya 18:59 24 Sep 2009

My 3 contract was due to end on 26th June this year and I sent an email on 25th May giving the minimum 30 days notice to cancel. Of course as it was 3 I had to jump through hoops in order to get my account closed.

Come 26th June (by which I had paid that months bill and deleted my direct debit) and I find that my account is still active and so I make a phone call that week only to be told they have no record of me giving notice to cancel. This despite me receiving an automated reply via email from 3 including a copy of my original email. They then insisted I forward them a copy of this email and they would then arrange to sort everything out and would call me to confirm.

Come 11th July and no phone call from 3 and I phoned back (I had the guys name that wa dealing with it so I coukld ask for him directly). He calls me back to tell me that he has 'just' received my email and then tells me that someone must have deleted the original I sent from the system. He then tells me that the only valid way to give notice to cancel my account is by telephoning customer service and that emails dont count and that he could only take notice from that day - 11th July. I spend next few minutes arguing my case and then tell him Im going to write a letter of complaint at which point he says let me talk to my manager.

Comes back on after a minute and says that will be okay and that my notice will be taken from 25th May and any outstanding amounts that I have will be cleared since I had paid for all my usage up until 26th June. Then proceeds to try and get me to take out a new contract at a special price which I delined but he keeps on and on before finally getting the message that Im not interested.

A week after this and I start getting new invoice for £11 followed up by more demands and finally debt recovery letters for this amount.

Will never go near 3 again.

  Strawballs 00:53 25 Sep 2009

My son had to jump through numerous hoops to canel his contract I would never advise anybody to use 3. It seems they can't keep people by good service they just make it ALMOST impossible to leave.

  KremmenUK 12:20 25 Sep 2009

And they wonder why people like me stick with PAYG!

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