2nd class citizens?

  [email protected]ky.com 04:38 23 Sep 2005

I have had broadband for some years.I am proposing to move home and I decided to check if broadband was available at my proposed new home. Lo and behold "No" still waiting for the BT trigger level to be reached. I recall election before last that some Gov character stated that"All homes would have broadband within 2 years. So my question to forum members is "How many areas are still waiting for Broadband to reach them?

  €dstowe 06:40 23 Sep 2005

Unfortunately, possibly, but BT is not a governemnt department so, whatever the Whitehall mandarins say about it, BT can still do as they like.

Why BT adopts this attitude, I can't think. Broadband is a huge money gathering enterprise for them and I would have thought they would be all too keen to develop and disseminate the system as quickly and as widely as possible. This is especially so with the huge increase in the use of mobile phones which must reduce the use of the traditional BT landline - in turn reducing their turnover/profit of their main business.

  [email protected] 07:51 23 Sep 2005

Just how many places are still waiting for BB? another Gov spin of the truth

  €dstowe 07:55 23 Sep 2005

Try here click here

  ventanas 08:37 23 Sep 2005

We had this problem in our area and a sort of petition was started. We understood that BT would only accept names from those that had an existing internet connection, so we cheated, and asked the question "If broadband was available would you buy a computer?" It didn't take long to get the number of signatures required for the trigger level, and the exchange was enabled.

  Stuartli 09:45 23 Sep 2005

Have a look at:

click here

  [email protected] 13:01 23 Sep 2005

Edstow site needs updating same as Stuartli site
Went direct to plusnet for check "customer service" 1 exchange at the new place has been upgraded both for residential & business. I am lucky in I this instance by gaining phone number from sellers.
Useful method of registering from ventanas.

  Stuartli 15:29 23 Sep 2005

Well this is the BT section that actually delivers the product to the ISPs....:-)

click here

If that's not up to date (and September 8th is the last posting on the site I mentioned earlier) than there's not much else that can probably be done.

  €dstowe 15:32 23 Sep 2005

I gave my information in good faith. If the site is out of date, it is they that you should be complaining to, not me.

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