Acerak 19:51 22 Mar 2004

Sorry guys, got it worong the last time around.
Every site I visit has 128mb cards more expensive than the 256mb version - why?
Any help is appreciated.

  Rayuk 19:52 22 Mar 2004

Just had a quick look dont come up with the same result.
Can you give examples?

  BeForU 20:05 22 Mar 2004

What websites are you currently looking at cause from what I see thats not how it goes. 256mb versions are always more expensive than their 128mb counterparts. All the specs on the graphics cards are exactly the same except obviously the memory. I dont see how 128mb to be more expensive is possible.

  Acerak 20:09 22 Mar 2004

e-buyer, dabs etc The GeForce FX5600 128mb for instance is more expensive than the 256mb

  Acerak 20:14 22 Mar 2004

How about this on dabs.com

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:22 22 Mar 2004

I have not seen what you are talking about on any website, so far anyway. If you are comparing 128mb cards to 256mb ones pricewise you'd have to choose 2 by the same maker eg 2 MSI cards and - this is the important bit, you must compare like for like. There is no point in comparing a FX5600 with a FX5600XT or with a FX5600 Ultra. If you can give me an example of 2 cards which are both the same except for the amount of memory and which the cheaper one is the one with more memory I would be very interested.

  BeForU 20:29 22 Mar 2004

Couldnt of explained it better there Totally-braindead.

All I can see is the reason why some 128mb cards are more expensive than 256mb cards is due to the fact they are more recent and more powerful models a.k.a FX5600XT 128mb compared to a older FX5200 256mb.

So you might have been mistakened Acerak.

  Acerak 00:36 23 Mar 2004

Many thanks yet again - I was indeed comparing the wrong cards and obviously not getting a good comparison.

Is that the 128mb card's employ faster memory than the 256 card's....

click here has some info on it all..

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