£2k PC

  JACC 15:17 19 Jul 2007

I'm looking to spend around £2k on a new pc and it's turning out to be a bit of a nightmare on how to get good value for my money.The pc will be used for gaming, video editing, music, web surfing and as the good lady says "it better look good" I've found that i can get pc's without the monitor and buy that seperatley .There's things i would like to know like is it worth getting Vista Ultimae? how much Ram should i get?what graphics card or cards?is a 22" monitor the way to go? as you can imagine for £2k i would like to my moneys worth and that is why i'm asking "the wise and the good" of Pc Advisor .So far i've been at Mesh and toying with Alienawre (pricey)

  RobCharles1981 15:26 19 Jul 2007

£2,000? On a PC? Jesus thats allot, mine only cost me £520 for a decent gaming rig.

  lisa02 17:32 19 Jul 2007

Rob really?

Can I buy a decent gaming rig for that?

  jimmybond 17:36 19 Jul 2007

No offence, but I'd expect somebody that's spending £2000 on a PC base unit, to know exactly what they need already?

If you need to ask stuff about 'how much ram do I need', then is it wise to be lashing out £2000? That's a lot of money, even for a top end gaming laptop. It's your money at the end of the day though ;-)

  JACC 17:43 19 Jul 2007

Hi jimmybond,i realise it's alot of money and some of my comments were daft , i just really want to know if it's worth spending that sorta cash on a pc , i've been on a few sites now and if you want to upgrade from their "display" pc's i seem to get carried away and £2k seems to be what i'm left with.I'm really looking for a future proof pc ( is there such a thing ?)

  jimmybond 17:55 19 Jul 2007

I'd say it's a huge amount for a PC. If you upgrade to all the best components, it will cost you the earth, for a small increase in performance.
Better to buy something a bit cheaper, and upgrade bits and pieces, as and when you need to - you'd get more value for your money that way.
e.g. if you really don't mind spending £2k, spend £1200 now, and put aside the rest for a new graphics card in 12 months, a blue ray drive in 6 months when they're more affordable etc etc....

  RobCharles1981 18:50 19 Jul 2007

I upgraded my own PC Right now for £520.

  Totally-braindead 19:13 19 Jul 2007

JACC if you have that to spend and wish to spend it then fair enough but, as some of the others have pointed out if you don't buy the very latest "out this week" hardware you can save yourself a fortune and make so little difference to your PC in terms of speed and performance that I really don't think you'd notice it.
Perhaps consider something like this and add a monitor etc click here lastest quad core processor but at a price, for a much more reasonable amount you could get this click here

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