£299 PC (all incl) with 19" TFT, free printer, etc

  GaT7 12:03 18 Apr 2006

Dell are doing a PC at the moment for £299, which includes VAT, FREE delivery & comes with a whopping 19" TFT monitor & free printer. Offer ends on 19/04/06.

The specs are as follows (or click here):

Dimension 1100

* Intel Celeron D Processor 325 (2.53GHz, 533FSB, 256k cache)
* Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
* 19" Analogue Flat Panel Monitor
* 40GB Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
* Optical Drive - 20/48x Max CD-ROM Drive
* Graphic Card - Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics
* Network Card - Integrated 10/100 NIC
* Service - 90 Day Collect and Return (CAR) Service
* Save £40 (inc vat) [Due to End 19/04/2006]
* FREE Shipping - Worth £60 (Inc. VAT) [Due to End 19/04/2006]
* FREE 725 Colour Printer! [Due to End 03/05/2006]

The monitor is a Dell E196FP which alone retails for £193 - click here.

Could be a great starting system for anyone, or even a standby if something went wrong with your main one. The 19" TFT monitor makes it very tempting indeed, don't you think? G

  Diodorus Siculus 12:06 18 Apr 2006

As a basic system, that is really good value.

From what I remember, there is no AGP slot so the best that can be done for graphics is a PCI card.

Crucial will provide more RAM for about a third of the price that Dell want so with a little playing around a fairly decent machine can be put together.

  Totally-braindead 12:14 18 Apr 2006

For the money its pretty good and would do a lot of people however, as Diodorus Siculus has mentioned there is no way to upgrade the graphics and the free printer as far as I'm concerned would go in the bin after I used the cartridges you get with it. Its very expensive for refills. Notice the warranty as well 90 day, rather poor.
That said, if you want a cheap PC that will do everything, except gaming it may be the thing to buy.

  wee eddie 13:05 18 Apr 2006

Is to recoup their discounted price through the profit on the Printer Ink.

Their target market is not us here, but those households that have no PC experience and those that only need one to keep in touch with the kids, e.g. the Silver Surfers.

For both markets it's seems a pretty good deal.

  Smiler 13:21 18 Apr 2006

I happen to be one of those and consider myself very knowledgeable when it comes to computers having built my last two PC's and spend some time on this site helping others as I was helped when I needed it.
Just because we're older it dosen't mean we know any less than any other age groups.
There are non PC literate people in all walks and ages of life.

  Stuartli 14:09 18 Apr 2006


It's also a assumption without apparent foundation by wee eddie that Dell has a subtle plan.

Silver surfers have been around a long time and we do build up a great deal of real life experience - we are not that easily fooled...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:21 18 Apr 2006

'Their target market is not us here, but those households that have no PC experience'..absolute rubbish. The Dell computer is more than enough for 95% of all users. Contrary to popular, elitist belief there are only a small percentage of users that 'fiddle about' with their computers. The phrase 'future-proof' is the most annoying, gormless and meaningless phrase ever. A Windows 95 computer will do all that most users ever want from one and I'll bet that most people only use 5% or less of their computer's capability. Reality does bite sometimes and an overall, as opposed to a myopic, view is needed at all times.


  wee eddie 14:45 18 Apr 2006

I was trying to analyse to whom Dell were targeting this offer.
There were groups who would not consider it: The Gamers, the Teenage boys & girls with i-pods, most of the late 20 to 40yo's, the savvy Silver Surfers and those who use their PC's for photography and entertainment

So who is left but the 2 groups that I mentioned.

Smiler may, of course, keep such a PC in his holiday cottage, for the few times he needs it to send mail, or write to the local newspaper, but his proper PC will be at home.

  Totally-braindead 15:10 18 Apr 2006

Lets face it the PC from Dell is a good deal but I have 2 problems with it. The Dell printer is a rebadged Lexmark and is expensive to run when compared to other makes which is why I said I would bin it once I'd used the cartridges. The other thing I have a problem with is Dell changing the warranty terms. Quite legal but I find it a bit misleading.

Now before anyone flies off the handle at me let me explain exactly what I mean. I am not saying they are doing anything illegal or underhand but it can be a bit confusing. A friend of mines mother was looking for a new PC approximatly 2 months ago and had considered Dell. She asked for advice. I looked at the 2 Dell offerings she had been looking at the Dimension 1100 and the Dimension 3100. The 3100 when I looked at it had the 3 PCs click here with different warranties, I see this is now changed, one of them was the 90 day warranty and the other 2 were full one year. Now if you were looking at the page and never noticed this you may buy a computer with only a 90 day warranty instead of a one year one. I know, you should read these things but you're busy looking at speed of processor, size of hard drive, amount of RAM etc and its easy to miss it.

Anyway I ended up recommending one of the 3100s to her, the one that had the 90 day warranty as a matter of fact, but pointed out to her this difference and she went ahead and ordered it paying the extra for the full one year guarantee.

Oh and I also priced for building a similar PC myself and was £100 dearer so it just shows what good value it is. Providing you're not a gamer of course.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:16 18 Apr 2006

The PCs will come with a year guarantee, by law...you may have to return it at your own cost to Dell but they still have a one year guarantee.


  Totally-braindead 16:38 18 Apr 2006

Agreed Gandalf but they still advertise the 90 day Collect and Return on other PCs click here if you want the one year Collect and Return service it costs you extra plus when you click on the page, the £239 PC for example it takes you to a page where the price changes to £333 which includes the disclaimer "For your added protection the above price includes an upgraded service package. To reach the advertised price please select a downgraded service from the Support Services section below."

I must admit I don't know what happens after the 90 days, I presume you can pay to send it back?

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