24/7 or B/Band £7.00 & £18.00

  Djohn 08:13 29 May 2003

Found this address this morning and the prices seem exceptionally low. Has anyone else used them or have any comments to add.

24/7 for £6.99 and Broadband at £18.49. click here Regards. J.

  Lone Crow 13:00 29 May 2003

I've just taken a look and found that every time you try to access their terms and conditions it just directs you to the sign-up page. That's never a good sign. The offer borders on the too-good-to-be-true so I'm left with enough doubts to keep my card in my wallet and wait and see! LC.

  jediknight007 13:16 29 May 2003

Plusnet ADSL Home Surf for £18.99 click here No features such as p2p file sharing though and doesn't come with webspace but you can get that from somewhere else. Also, look at Force9, same company as Plusnet or check out click here for prices on all ISPs.

  Djohn 14:00 29 May 2003

click here Terms and conditions can be found here.

Seems to be an established and reputable company. Just that the price plans do appear too good to be true, unless I'm overlooking something. Regards. J.

  moore_mat 15:55 29 May 2003

They do have a terms and conditions page if you follow the broadband sign up a bit.

Looks to be a bit duff - you're tied to a 12 month contract and the 1st month fee is over £80, however, they don't tie you to buying a modem...

I've been looking at Gio Internet and FairADSL (Sorry, this'll spark up a few comments I should think!) who both advertise £18.99 per month, but with only a 3 month minimum contract - first month is always likely to be expensive though...



  anonmouse 23:17 30 May 2003

cant speak for fast4 broadband but their 6.99 24/7 service i was very unhappy with. difficulty connecting and half way through my second month with them they cancelled my account for excessive use??? it said 24/7 yet i was booted for using about 89hrs out of a supposed 168 available in one week? heavy use i agree but it did not constitute a continous connection as stated in their elusive terms and conditions. in short yes too good to be true dont trust these monkeys one inch!

  Djohn 10:59 31 May 2003

It's much appreciated. At the moment my ISP price is £15.99 per month for 56k modem dial-up, and gives good quality service.

July 9th. Local exchange goes Broadband, BT have informed me my line is suitable for 2mbs. I would like to go for the 512k option, but need to keep the cost reasonable.

A price of £19 to £20 would be fine, but as most require a 12 month contract, I don't want to tie myself into something that is of poor quality. So I would rather try to find a few more pounds if necessary.

Cable is not available in my immediate area, so the choice is restricted to Tel. line. The bigger, well known names seem to be charging £27 to £29 per month. Can't afford to choose the wrong supplier, so any more recommendations will be very welcome. Thank you. J.

  Forum Editor 12:22 31 May 2003

is that all broadband suppliers - no matter who they are, or what they charge - are buying their broadband services from BT wholesale Ltd.

This means that they are all going to be paying much the same, and anyone who resells to you at monthly charge that seems unrealistically low is likely to be on a margin that's so narrow there isn't room for any customer service whatsoever.

The bigger service suppliers like BT OpenWorld, Pipex, Demon etc., are all charging a figure that's a lot higher than £18, so you should see a patterm emerging.

My advice is to stick to someone who is a well-known player in this field. My own home connection is with BT OpenWorld at £29.99 a month, and I wouldn't dream of changing.

  graham√ 14:04 31 May 2003

I am with AOL, £27.99 per month, free helpline. Very happy to pay top whack and be with a main player!

  Djohn 14:05 31 May 2003

Thanks FE for waking me up! I never looked for the cheapest when deciding on my current ISP. I looked for quality/reliability of service.

For dial-up these where all in the range of £13 to £16. I will do the same again by either staying with my present ISP, or another one in a similar price band, looking for recommendations on quality, and reliability, if one happens to be slightly cheaper, then that's a bonus. Thank you for your advice. J.

  Djohn 14:09 31 May 2003

You wasn't there when I posted. As you know I'm with AOL as well, but dial-up for the mo. Always received excellent service from them, and the change over to B/B would be painless, (Except for the pocket) :o(

Think you and FE have convinced me. Regards. J.

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