20" monitore

  tuckertribe 16:08 18 Aug 2005

Please can you tell me if it's worth buying a 20" monitor over a 19" and if so which models are worth looking at

  Joe R 17:17 18 Aug 2005


if it is a tft monitor you are describing, then the only plus would be if you are, a hardcore gamer.

A 19" tft monitor has a default resolution of 1280 x 1024, and a 20" would be 1600 x 1200.

If gaming is not a major part of your computing, then the savings on the smaller monitor, should make this a better buy.

  Arnie 13:12 19 Aug 2005

Remember, it is not only about size.

The 19" TFT monitor may have a faster refresh rate than The 20" version.

click here

Scroll down to LCD computer monitors.

  Wilham 09:18 21 Aug 2005

Two or three years ago a PCA reviewer expressed the opinion a 20.4 inch TFT monitor was the smallest that gave reasonable entertainment from a DVD film.

Expensive for me, but I've never regretted going for it.

  Arnie 16:30 21 Aug 2005

17" versus 19" LCD monitors

Here are some specs from iiyama:

Prolite E435S 34cm (17”). Native resolution 1.3Mpixels (1280x1024). Response time 10ms

Prolite E483S 48cm (19”). Native resolution 1.3Mpixels (1280x1024). Response time 12ms

So, although the 19” screen is larger, the pixel population is the same and have to be spread across a bigger area. The response time is also longer.

Looking at the 20.1” screen below. The native resolution has increased, but remember the pixels still have to be spread over a greater area than the previous models. Also, the response time has increased. *

Prolite E511S 51cm (20.1”) Native resolution 1.9Mpixels (1600x1200). Response time 16ms offered at the princely sum of £551 inc. vat.

This is why I chose my 17” monitor in preference to the 19” model. Being on a pension I never considered anything over 19” anyway.

As you mentioned you bought your monitor some time ago. It would be interesting to know what the
native resolution and response time is of your model and how much change has taken place since then.

  Wilham 18:47 21 Aug 2005

Arnie, my monitor is Iiyama AU5131DT BK, and I paid about £1300 for it inc carriage.

At the time PCA listed a Siemans 20.1" (1600x1200)in top place/10 for several months, but the model was difficult to get. The Iiyama screen I bought had identical specs to the Siemans,- makes me wonder if they originated from the same factory.

By the way, have you noticed how ads sometimes write '17" WIDESCREEN!' when in fact a 16:9 screen gives you nearly 10 per cent less area than a 4:3 for the same size diagonal?

  Arnie 19:54 21 Aug 2005

thanks for your reply.

I think your monitor was a good choice at the time of purchase.
I don't know if Siemens and iiyama are much the same monitors. I know many companies buy in various parts from specialist suppliers to make up units.

I have purchased two iiyama monitors. The first being a 15" TFT which my wife now uses. The amazing thing is, that the latest 17" one I use was cheaper than the 15" model.

I think we will see further drops in pricing as production/development costs fall.

Regarding the 16:9 ratio. Call me old fashioned, I much prefer the old 4:3 ratio.

I have just bought a new Philips TV and chose a 21" crt 4:3 set!

When 16:9 is showing I sometimes use the expand button on my handset, depending on the programme content.

  tuckertribe 20:36 22 Aug 2005

Thanks for your help everyone. I decided not to go for a 20" but have chosen the 19" ViewSonic as recommended by PC Advisor. Should be here tomorrow

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