2 portrait monitors side by side

  Danny09 22:08 31 May 2009


I read a lot of word and pdf documents and I primarily use computers for work, never for watching downloads or gaming.

I'm looking for 2 portrait monitors that can view two documents side-by-side. I don't need terribly good resolution, given the nature of my work.

Thanks for any advice.

for a friend - click here, and it swivels very easily from landscape to portrait mode so would be ideal for you. If you have a nVidia graphics card, that easily adjusts the display for portrait monitors too (in the nVidia control panel+). Not sure about ATI cards as I don't have one to try.

  Forum Editor 23:24 31 May 2009

get a reasonably large wide screen monitor, and display the documents side by side on that?

I do this on a daily basis using MS Word, and it works very well.

  Si_L 00:00 01 Jun 2009

FE is on the right track I think, I've got a 22" screen but that is a tiny bit too small for the job, anything bigger would be fine.

  Si_L 00:02 01 Jun 2009

I posted before checking Daves link - I for one can vouch for Samsung monitors, they are fantastic.

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