2 computers and Broadband connecting.

  Andy. 20:03 06 Apr 2003

anyone know of a site explaining how to connect 2 computers so that they share the same broadband connection, I don't fancy a cable running all over the house,I think I need a router of some sort,

thanks to all helpers.

  Cantillion 20:23 06 Apr 2003

Don't know of any sites, but I learned by trial, error and forum posting :-)

The easiest way would be to use a combined wireless router and modem with wireless recievers on each PC.

I did it the hard way - I share a freeserve ADSL connection using an ethernet modem, wireless router and wireless recievers. This is what I did:

First connect the ethernet modem to directly to your PC to set up the connection to the ISP. Then unplug the modem from the PC and put it to the router. Finally set up the router. I have to do it this way as my router doesn't enable a PPoA connection (which we use in the UK), so I have to set up a dynamic connection, using my host name as the server (for freeserve, user.fsnet.co.uk), and then enter the MAC address of the modem. Took me days to figure that out!! But as I say, get a wireless router/modem and you'll be laughing!!!

  Rayuk 20:28 06 Apr 2003

click here one for you

  Andy. 20:35 06 Apr 2003

Thanks for the help,

Probably gety banned from the forum for what I am about to suggest but.....

Grab a copy of the latest Personal Computer World Magazine (May 2003) it has a very good feature on wireless networking and will tell you all you want to know and the pro's and con's of each.

EG - Cheapest way is to connect two PC's together using wireless PCI cards - problem is one PC MUST be left on all the time and used as a server which means more hassle.

If you just want to share a broadband connection then yes, a DSL wireless router and then a wireless PCI card or access point for each PC - Cost about £150 all in.

I am in the process of working out which system is best for me as I already have a router (ADSL) and wires all over the house and want to go wireless, also have a notebook so that needs a PC network card, etc etc. Have freind who simply needs to connect a PC as above (As server) without wires so by the end of all this I should have accumulated a little knowledge - If I can help in any way at all just ask or mail me!

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