1st post - buying a new mesh pc

  fiestast1 21:52 26 Nov 2005


im looking to buy a new pc in the next few days have been looking for ages and have decided ive got to get asap or else christmas will be here.

ive decided on a mesh pc - X-treme SLI BTO
the spec is

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+ with HT Tech
Brushed Aluminium ATX Midi Tower +550W PSU - Black
1024MB DDR400 Memory - PC3200 (2x512)
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB Buffer
SONY 16x Dual Layer DVD-Re-Writable +R/-R/RW
256MB nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT - TV-Out + DVI - PCI-Express
17" TFT Flat Panel Monitor (Analogue)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Sound Card
1.44MB - 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive

the above comes to £1242.37inc VAT
does this sound about right?

also would it best to go for the athlon 64 x2 4400+ or go for a p4 3.2?

does any1 know if the flat panel is a viewsonic as shown on the pic?

  SG Atlantis 21:55 26 Nov 2005

AMD wins hands down.

That seems good value...

If your not comfortable with the price check other computer companies to see what they are selling similar computers for.

You'd be better to get a dvi monitor, rather than analogue.

  kinger 22:15 26 Nov 2005

I've always been a Pentium guy myself but you won't go wrong with Mesh, excellent products

  Monoux 09:43 27 Nov 2005

look here click here

  SG Atlantis 09:50 27 Nov 2005

every company will have sold bad apples once in a while.

Think of the number of sales in total against the number of faults.

I have seen or heard complaints about almost every company, but they wouldn't survive if they weren't doing something right.

  €dstowe 10:14 27 Nov 2005

Wait until after Christmas - you will get some good bargains then.

  Stuartli 11:22 27 Nov 2005

Any company which sells thousands of computer systems a year will have the occasional system that proves a problem - they are, after all, built from a wide variety of components from an equally large range of suppliers.

In my case I've only dealt with Mesh one some two years ago, purchasing a £750 system with TFT monitor on behalf of an elderly friend (81 at the time!)

She's since used it on a daily basis despite never having had anything to do with computers before and the system has not only proved an excellent buy but utterly reliable.

Remember you only hear from those who have complaints - the overwhelming majority who don't have problems rarely extend deserved praise, usually because being trouble free is exactly what they expect when they bought it.

  Monoux 11:35 27 Nov 2005

I cannot disagree with what you say and it is up to an individual what system / manufacturer they they wish to spend their pennies with. However if someone is asking advise on a purchase it would not be right knowing there are posts on here where folks have had difficulties not to point them out. Both sides of the coin and all that.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:59 27 Nov 2005

I think that you are paying a premium for the processor - you could likely save a few hundred pounds by going for a lower spec one and not notice any great difference.

As for the monitor, you need to ask Mesh about it - don't rely on the picture somehwere or other.

What do you want the PC for? An answer to that will determine what you should do with your money.

  Danoh 17:59 27 Nov 2005

I agree with Diodorus Siculus. Its unlikely you would make use of the awesome power available unless you regularly do real-time video editing, CAD-CAM, etc.

If its normal MS Office applications including Access (unless you have a massive number of LARGE database tables, with joins and multiple), a lower-speced processor is a better option.

Use the money for a better spec-ed monitor (size & performance) as you will benefit from that no matter what you use the PC for.

Hope that helps and good luck!

  freaky 18:14 27 Nov 2005

The one weak spot in an otherwise excellent specification is the 17" TFT Analogue Monitor.

Personally, I would want a 19" TFT with DVI and Analogue outputs with a good response rate of at least 8MS or less.

Whatever fiestast1 is going to use his PC for, could well be marred by a poor display!

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