19" ViewSonic VX912 versus 19" Iiyama E485S-B

  Nipsen 2 19:35 11 Apr 2005

Tomorrow I will be ordering a new monitor, at present I am using 19" Iiyama vision master pro 452 crt. My wife wants a tft model (so that she can get behind to clean away the dust! ) & we are trying to decide which one to get, narrowed it down to the ViewSonic VX912 & the Iiyama E485S-B. we are not into gaming, although the grandchildren sometimes play Fifa & the odd adventure game. So really its for general use & the most important thing for us is a good clear screen, anybody able to suggest which one, although I must admit I fancy the ViewSonic VX912. thanks Nipsen.

  apatia77 19:41 11 Apr 2005

ive got iiyama E380S and never had any problems with it, really enjoy using it,

never had any of the monitors youre just about to buy but iiyama makes quality monitors (thats what i read and what i think), never heard that theyre bad quality or so, i suppose becaouse iiyama doesnt go cheap like some of the other companys,

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:51 11 Apr 2005

I've just bought the Viewsonic 19" and it is truly remarkable. You will not regret this purchase. the screen is so clear you will be down to the optician's within 15 mins. of first use.


  marjted 22:48 11 Apr 2005

17" Iiyama Prolite E435S
Bought this from Aria a week or so ago, including their £15 'no dead pixel guarantee and am delighted with it.
Turned the brightness down a little and now wondering why we took so long to upgrade the CRT monitor. The screen is extremely clear, making for excellent text reading and videos of the grandchildren also run perfectly.
No experience of a Viewsonic, sorry.

  Nipsen 2 00:00 12 Apr 2005

Well Thanks apatia77, GANDALF <|:-)>,& marjted. I Think the score is 1-1 . I think I will Have to leave apatia77's comment out, although I like my 19" Iiyama vision master pro 452 crt. I will make a final decision in the morning & let you know what I get. Cheers Nipsen

  Nipsen 2 12:36 12 Apr 2005

Just to let you know I got the 19" ViewSonic VX912 Thanks again GANDALF <|:-)>,& Marjted it was a close call. Cheers Nipsen.

  Colinp 01:03 13 Apr 2005

I have just bought a Mesh computer which came with the 19" ViewSonic VX912 monitor. I have still partnered the TFT with the old computer though, keeping my Iiama Vision Master Pro 450 with the new computer. The ViewSonic does look like a good monitor though. Nice big clear screen. Games? I don't know though.

  Nipsen 2 12:55 13 Apr 2005

Just to let GANDALF <|:-)> know & anyone interested, After trying it out ( 19" ViewSonic VX912 ) My wife & I are very impressed with the new monitor ( we actually agreed on something !) joking apart, a good buy. Cheers Nipsen.

  musicman100 16:55 15 Apr 2005


How does the veiwsonic perform with games and DVD?

Much blurring??



  Joe R 19:01 15 Apr 2005

Nipsen 2,

Just got myself this a couple of days ago, ant at the price range, the picture is superb.

Having a 12Ms response time, it's also good for dvd's and gaming.

click here

  Joe R 19:02 15 Apr 2005

ant!, should be and.

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