A 19" TFT that works well with games

  The Tick Tock Man 18:34 21 Apr 2004

This might seem like a case of wanting the best of all worlds but can anyone recommend a good 19" TFT monitor that can also cope well with fast moving action such as games (I'm not too bothered about DVD playback). I know that 17" monitors tend to have shorter response times and so might be more suitable for playing games, but I'd prefer a larger monitor for work purposes. Has such a monitor arrived yet or is it still on the drawing board?

  harps1h 20:31 21 Apr 2004

go to ebuyer and look for the neovo f419 it quotes a response time of 10/15ms. i am awaiting delivery from them so i can't personally testify for it's performance yet but it seems to get good reviews from people who have bought it

  Sion 21:56 21 Apr 2004

The Neovo has a respsnse time of 25ms, that is 10ms rise, and 15ms fall. There is only one 19" TFT on the market that does below 25ms, and that is a samsung model that has only just been released in the states. I forget the model name, but a look at tom's hardware guide wil tell u. 19" monitors are for the most part not great at gaming since they have slowish response time. 17" TFTs for gaming can be found relatively easily. LG 1710B and 1710S are both well priced 17" TFTs with 16ms response time. Personally, if your looking for a gaming monitor, get CRT, TFT will come close, but wil not match it (with current technologies anyway).

  Djohn 22:54 21 Apr 2004

This is the review your referring to. If you read the full article it explains that a low response time is not the holy grail we've all been looking for. Well, not in the way that the manufacturers are presenting them. Some monitors with a response time of 20-25 ms will out-perform the sub 20's. j. click here

  The Tick Tock Man 00:41 23 Apr 2004

Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll try and see the Neovo f419 in action (I guess TFT quality is very subjective and I often get the impression that reviewers are far more critical than I would be). The monitor will be used 85% of the time for work, so that's obviously the main priority. But since I plan to get a new machine as well (one that can play the kind of modern games my current one won't touch) how games look on the monitor will be a factor.

  RU_Animate 12:26 23 Apr 2004

Just wanted to add to this as a new monitor has emerged from au-optronics. It's a 19" LCD with an unbelievable response time of just 12ms. The model number is M190EN04. If anyone knows anything about this monitor, please tell us.

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