19" LCD TF Advise Needed

  ajm 14:53 22 Jun 2003

I am shortly planning to upgrade to a 18" or 19" TFT. I would ideally prefer a 19" TFT. i have shortlisted the makes to Samsung, IIyama or NEC-Mitusbishi.

Any advise would be gratefully accepted.

  Wilham 20:09 22 Jun 2003

For several months PCAdvisor put the Fujitsu Siemens 20 inch model 5100FA as top dog monitor (out of ten models). There is no 5100,... should have been 5110FA, now corrected, but revues elsewhere equally praised it, particularly the 600:1 contrast ratio. I didn't buy because traders like Dabs, Simply Computers... put me off with their dead pixel disclaimers. Then I discovered the ISO Spec 13460-2, which seems to give top quality pixel priority to the military and medical users,-nowhere could I find class 1 5110FA monitor.
A few weeks later I saw the Iiyama AU5131DTBK appeared to have the same work engine as the F/S 5110FA, - just look at the specs. It also has USB2 outlets instead of the (I think) limited 1W speakers, and it has screen pivot, inc s/w.
I speculated Iiyama sourced from Fitsumi, would be selective in the screens, and also saw they give a 3 year on-site swap. The spec included the same 70 000 hr cold cathode tube life (6 tubes). Now I've got it I am delighted, and haven't seen a dud pixel.
I notice Iiyama have a 19inch 1600x1200, with pivot, at about 800ukp inc vat -and I was tempted to buy at a third less cost. Two things put me off. (i) The specs were down on the 20 inch, (ii) I remembered a comment/opinon that the 20inch was in quality and size good enough to watch DVD/TV.
Good luck.

  accord 22:54 22 Jun 2003

i have an iiyama 15 TFT and havnt got any dead pixels. Fantastic screen and well delighted with it. sourced from click here

hope this helps in some way

  ajm 17:35 26 Jun 2003

At last. Bought a 17" IIYAMA PROLite E430ES for £332 from PCW. It is FANTASTIC and also has built in speakers. i could not justify spending extra £200-400 on a 18" or 19" TFT. The IIYAMA Prolite has speakers on board which give quite good sound quality and the design is black and stylish...

  accord 18:15 26 Jun 2003

welcome to the club, i bet you wont go back to CRT ????

  douglamb 10:56 27 Jun 2003


  douglamb 11:15 27 Jun 2003

Sorry about that - finger trouble.

I, too, am looking for a ?large? TFT/LCD monitor as I've been using a Sony 21" CRT for the past few years which has been great but now, however, the tube is beginning to pack up and it's not economical to repair.

As I?ve got so used to the 21? screen I couldn?t dream of reducing size so I've decided to go for a 20" TFT/LCD monitor and narrowed my selection down to the LG L2010P or the Iiyama AU5131DT.

The Iiyama has the better contrast ratio (according to spec) but it's response time is 25ms against LG's claimed latency of 16ms. From what I can glean, though, the 16ms is a bit of a "fudge" and the real figure is probably around 20/21ms. The Inquirer this week gave the LG L2010P a good write-up (click here) (with latency the only small question mark) while this post obviously ?likes? Iiymaya ? particularly Wilham who has the model I?m interested in. Have you had any latency problems with games or, particularly, DVD playback with the AU5131DT? I?m tempted to go for the Iiyama over the LG but what do you guys think? Prices for both models are very similar.

  douglamb 11:16 27 Jun 2003

Also, can anyone suggest a good (relatively inexpensive) dual output (dvi/analogue) card so that I can still squeeze the last drops out of my Sony CRT? The problem here is that, for the moment, I'm using an old Asus P2B motherboard which has one of the first steam driven AGP 1X ports. I don't think it would take one of the modern 8X cards (I believe there?s both a physical; insertion cut-outs; and voltage difference between the new 8X cards and the older ones although I?m not absolutely sure).

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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