£189 for digital Aerial !

  mymate 11:27 10 Sep 2007

Yipes i just called Aerial man in my local paper and he quoted £189 for digital aerial .Is there a good aerial i can buy myself and put it up?
I just bought this Hd freeview recorder with twin tuners and it picks up a few channels but knocks off BBC1 BBC2 and of course channel 5.
Thanks very much

  jack 12:00 10 Sep 2007

It depends on your location of course.
I am approx 20 miles for Crystal Palace
And my 40 years old loft mounted does OK
as does the little stub aerial suckered to the inside of a window of the denin the wrong directection entirely for my Freecom DVT thingy.
So yes- check out among others Argos/B&Q etc.

  mymate 12:11 10 Sep 2007

I seem to be 25 miles away from Hennington <never heard of it> Crystal Palace is 30 miles away.
I have been searching on the internet and £189 seems to be about the right price .
Think i will put the Hd box away till i win the lottery .

  mymate 12:13 10 Sep 2007

Got that wrong i am 20 miles from Hennington and 36 miles away from Crystal Palace

  mad1234 12:32 10 Sep 2007

click here
how about something like this for your old aerial instead

  holme 12:51 10 Sep 2007

I wouldn't bother with a 'signal booster' if the signal from the aerial isn't very good in the first place. What's reception like on analogue TV? Nice and snowy?

Suggest have a look at the range from Maplin. This one click here would seem to fit your bill, but they have many others.

All self-erectable - *at your own risk* ! :-)

(The £189 quoted includes massive insurance premiums for loss of earnings etc when Aerial Man falls off his ladder...)

  Pamy 13:21 10 Sep 2007
  David4637 13:45 10 Sep 2007

You could buy a wide band aerial from Maplins £40, and if you are in a good signal strength area, put it in your loft yourself. Thats what I did 2 months ago. David

  Clapton is God 13:46 10 Sep 2007

As you say, £189 is about the right price for a roof-mounted digital (or wideband to give it the proper name) aerial.

It's not just about sticking it up on the roof and securing it in place.

Would you know for example EXACTLY which direction to point the aerial to get the best picture from your nearest transmitter?

A professional aerial installer would have the necessary electronic equipment to find that signal and use the info to place the aerial precisely.

  mymate 13:50 10 Sep 2007

Thanks mad1234,holme+Pamy.
I have read that signal boosters for digital tv are not very good.
holme i went on one website that says i need a Amplified extra high gain.
I think i have a ring round see if i can get price down to £150 fitted .
Thanks for all your help.

  holme 15:13 10 Sep 2007

" ... i went on one website that says i need a Amplified extra high gain"

That's why I suggested the particular one I linked at 12:51. Also the cheapest due to currently being on special offer.

Maplins etc have many others to offer, with and without masthead amplifiers, but rather more expensive. In general, look for the highest 'forward gain' in dB. But if you're only 36 miles from Crystal Palace (unless in a deep valley or behind a dirty great building), frankly I'd be surprised if these didn't fit the bill.

But I fully support what Clapton is God said about the importance of correct alignment.

You didn't say how good analogue reception was. Another thing to double-check is the quality of your aerial leads/plugs. Suggest you try plugging the aerial lead back into the TV to check analogue reception quality hasn't worsened since getting the DVD recorder (e.g. have you bent the cable and perhaps inadvertently broken an internal contact. Been there, done that...)

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