is 11mbps enough? (please help me!!)

  Viv-208691 21:42 02 Mar 2004

I'm considering setting up a wireless network in my home, all i want to do is share and possibly play network games. Will i need to buy anything faster than 11mbps or will this surfice? Will i regret not getting a faster rate network in a year or so?-should i make my equipment future proof or in this particular scenario does it nor really matter??
Please help me!


  woody147 00:44 03 Mar 2004

Think this probably belongs in helproom rather than consumerwatch, but anyway - I think as someone else pointed out in a similar thread, the fastest broadband connection you're going to get is 2Mb so you're not even coming close to this. I imagine it will be a while before 12MB broadband is available ;-) so future proofing isn't really an issue.

  JerryJay 00:56 03 Mar 2004

For BB, 11MBs is more than enough because normal BB is only 0.5MBs. For gaming purpose, maybe better to get a fast one since the price is not hugly different.

  woody147 01:24 03 Mar 2004

"for gaming purposes, maybe better to get a fast one"

...I hardly think you're going to notice any significant lag playing games over an 11Mbit network ;-)

  Forum Editor 07:07 03 Mar 2004

Wireless network performance is affected by all manner of things, and in practice the published speeds are rarely, if ever achieved. Your network isn't going to run at 11mbps, and neither is your broadband connection, so as woody147 says - there's no need to worry.

  Viv-208691 08:30 03 Mar 2004

thanks to all of you. Excuse my ignorance here, but does 802.11g start at a certain number of mbps?-is it 54 or is it available at a lower rate?

Thanks again

  byfordr 09:23 03 Mar 2004

The numbers are all theoretical. Ie under perfect conditions you will get the rate of transfer. In the real world expect a lot less. I seem to remember in a recent magazine test the G standard was coming out at something like 13 or 14 mbps, with the A and B standard a lot lower. This in itself is not a problem, as woody147 states. For your average user 2mb bb is the most they have access to (This is unlikely to change for a while yet) The extra capacity may come in useful for file transfers, streaming or gaming.

802.11g is also compatible with the B standard which operates at a lower rate.

  JJCUK 09:29 03 Mar 2004

Have a read here

click here

  Viv-208691 11:15 03 Mar 2004

so is 54mbps the minimum speed available on 802.11g???
Sorry, i'm not too clever about this!!

If i want to use 3/4 pcs on at the same time would i need more that 11mbps or would this be sufficient?


  byfordr 11:36 03 Mar 2004

Maximum speed! Its like any of the interfaces be they usb, firewire, network cards or even wireless.

This is the maximum speed you can expect. Physical constraints (walls, furniture etc) and hardware (pc, router etc) will have a affect. You can expect it to run a lot slower.



  jjf72 11:40 03 Mar 2004

I wouldn't get too hung up about the numbers. MMbps, 54 Mbps and 576kbps are all theoretical speeds and nowhere near what you wil get. all you need to know is that the transfer speed of an 11b netwrok far exceeds what you will ever need for web surfing or gaming, even with 3-4 pcs connected and so shoudl be more than enough for what you need. and with PCI cards costing around 20 quid, you're not really risking very much. what you should consider is which standard is appropriate for the physical consitions in your house ied istances between pcs, wall thicknesses etc.

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