1&1 Price change

  RROne 21:11 24 Nov 2007


Can anyone advise me about the legality of the new 1&1 price drop.

I have been with them for 2 years; when the price dropped - I assumed it would apply to all accounts. It didn't

When I contacted 1&1, I was told by telephone (they would not confirm by email) that the new price only applied to new customers. I.E. existing customers must continue to pay more.

The UK banking system have recently been pulled up about this. Was the bank ruling against the principle of different rates or against the principle of existing customers.

Any advise you be appreciated.

Thanks RROne

  spuds 21:41 24 Nov 2007

I use 1&1, and they have sent me an email about increase of about a £1.00 for domains. The price increase was not their fault, but increased costs from other sources, so they tell me!.

Taking into consideration that ISP's have different deals, promotions and upgrades, usually the existing customer ends up the worst.All to do with terms and conditions at time of signing or agreeing to purchase a service.

  RROne 21:51 24 Nov 2007

Hi Spuds

The price rise in domains seems to have funded a price drop in hosting. The MS Home package has dropped from £5.99 pm to £4.99 pm, but I am still charged the £5.99 pm

I am not really bothered about the £12 pa diff. I just found it a bit annoying that existing (loyal) customers are charged more than new customers, especially if my domain fees go up as well.

My post was really just a curiosity query. I think that you are correct in the sense of "contract signed" is the deal you get.

Still leaves a bitter taste in your mouth though.


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