£1000 to spend?

  Daxsimus 21:54 07 Jun 2007

Hi guys,
I've got £1000 to spend on a new comp. Ideas greatly welcome to help me make my choice as there is so many out there I am going round in circles and may never decide so your help is needed. Thanks

  Totally-braindead 22:19 07 Jun 2007

What do you do with your PC?

Is the £1000 for an entire new setup including monitor or just a base unit?

Without more info its kind of like saying I want a new car and have XXX to spend.

Need more info. Do you play games for example?

  Totally-braindead 22:21 07 Jun 2007

What about something like this click here

  Daxsimus 23:16 07 Jun 2007

Hi yes should have specified more.
Comp will be used mainly for surfing, email, watching movies but I don't need tv tuner. Want a 2gb system. Want new flat sceen monitor but keyboard and mouse not needed. Just need a comp that is quick and has loads of space and possibly for gaming for my son.

  Starfox 01:41 08 Jun 2007

click here and in more detail click here

  MrNerdy 09:42 09 Jun 2007

Novatech provide good systems & 1st class customer support & service.
Apart from them, PCWorld are offering some good deals at the moment.
Mesh get alot of bad comments here & other forums, just do a google search to find out more!

  Si_l 17:21 09 Jun 2007

There is no need to spend £1000 to get a computer of that spec. Can be done for £650 ish.

click here

Here is a good place where you can custom build a PC.

  theDarkness 01:26 14 Jun 2007

if you really want to make the most of your money then Si_l is probably right, custom building it yourself (or if you havent done that before, perhaps even getting an independent store to do it) will save more of your cash than simply taking the high st store route when buying your pc. the only problem there is you might not get the high st store level of warranty/repair service. you definately dont need to waste £1000 to get a pc doing what youve said you want it to- and its always good to have a spare £300 or so left over for software on your brand new pc!
im no expert on where to buy but theres plenty of ppl in here that can give you a list of excellent uk websites :)

  Si_L 12:10 14 Jun 2007

I bought mine from PC Option and it came with a 5 yr warranty as standard! My AMD 5200+, 2GB, 320HHD, 7300GS machine came to just under £500

  keef66 15:13 14 Jun 2007

Spend £500 on the pc for you, and £300 on an Xbox 360 for your son

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