0709 Mobile number Scam £50 a minute???

  Border View 16:56 18 Feb 2004

I've been redirected from Help room with this one. Djohn has already said it was a hoax but thought I would ask for further comments.

I have just read in another forum about a mobile phone scam which tells you you have missed a call and please telephone 0709 ....... and it is supposed to charge you £50 a minute. OK this might be a premium rate, but did I not read on here somewhere that you cannot be charged £50 a minute even on a mobile phone?

Would love to hear your comments.

  bremner 17:35 18 Feb 2004

As has been said this is a hoax and if you look at here click here under

"£20 Per Minute Telephone 'Scam' - An Urban Myth" - it clearly states

"A £20.00 per minute premium rate tariff does not exist the highest premium rate tariff available is £1.50 per minute"

  Forum Editor 17:46 18 Feb 2004

in various forms for some time now, and as others have said - it's a total hoax. Just ignore these urban myths when they come along, as they will from time to time.

  Smiler 18:29 18 Feb 2004
  carver 19:16 18 Feb 2004

Just seen the news and the lastest scam is to answer a missed called which if you reply the charge can be very high, £3 a minute, counting from the first second. Be on for ten seconds £3, be on for 61 seconds £6. So Barmoor is correct but a little on the high side as far as price is concerned.

  accord 21:09 18 Feb 2004

Of those people who ring an 0709 number when they are advised that they have missed a call and then moan when they have been charged £3 per min deserve all they get. Its like the one where you send me £10 and i'll give you a share of the Canadian $25m lottery. yeah right.

Your mobile will tell you have a missed call and you can then tell which number called you.

  Border View 22:22 18 Feb 2004

Many thanks for your postings. Shall tell my "other forum" and tick resolved.

  scotty 12:42 19 Feb 2004

The £50/min part may be a hoax, but the scam appears to be real click here

  Smiler 16:55 19 Feb 2004

Just had a call on my land line started by telling me I had an important message this went on to tell me I had won £1000 or a £2000 prize and to press any button on my phone to continue. So i pressed the red one to disconnect. Anyone heard of this one before.

  Djohn 17:09 19 Feb 2004

Just received a text 5 minutes back.

Congratulations you have just won £2000 Call 0871 210 3745 only 10p per minute BT national rate. :o(

  cara 00:01 20 Feb 2004

Even I do not know my mobile number!

I use my phone very sparingly and usually only for family or friends. I am sure the only source my number could be found for these companys is BT? So just how is your mobile number acquired?

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