When can we uninstall Norton360?

  wolfie3000 20:40 20 Jan 2009

When does the BETA test officially finish and when do we uninstall this product?

Its just i will be doing a huge clear out of old programs on my pc and if the BETA test is over i would like to remove it.

I have no problems postponing the clear out until the BETA test is over, its just i have not seen an official date for the end.

  Totally-braindead 20:50 20 Jan 2009

Its ended now wolfie3000, I have already deleted it and gone back to AVG free for the time being.

  Legolas 21:38 20 Jan 2009

Anybody else received an email from Matt Egan at PC Advisor thanking them for taking part and requesting name and address for them to sent the boxed, 12-month version of Symantec Norton 360 v3.0

  MCE2K5 22:22 20 Jan 2009

Oh, Yes.

  Forum Editor 00:03 21 Jan 2009

'Final summing up' you'll see that four days ago I posted this:-

"As far as we're concerned you have fulfilled any obligation you had to us as far as participating in the test forum goes. Symantec has access to all your feedback, and if you want to add anything further please feel free to do so.

Protecting your computer is obviously something that is a priority, and you must use your own judgment to decide what you do next.

We'll be arranging for free Norton 360 licences to be sent to everyone who contributed to the test forum, and you'll be notified about that in due course, when the launch version of the product is ready."

You'll shortly receive an email from Matt Egan, asking you for a postal address to which your free boxed, licensed copy of the final version of 360 can be sent.

  wolfie3000 02:42 21 Jan 2009

Ok then i will now uninstall Norton360 BETA,

I did receive the E-Mail from Matt Egan and have E-Mailed my address back.

I would like to thank all of the PCA team for the opportunity to have taken part in this beta test and also Symnatec,

I look forward to taking part in future Beta tests.

  Legolas 13:27 21 Jan 2009

I echo your sentiments

  tullie 19:27 21 Jan 2009

Its obvious that everyone would have received the email.As for Norton,i will be keeping it.

  grangehearts 18:43 30 Jan 2009

Well I have 7 days left of my licence, so I think I'll keep going in the meantime

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