Virgin Digital Helper - would you pay for it?

  Forum Editor 08:59 02 Jan 2010

Having tested the Virgin Digital Helper Service, what's your verdict - would you use it, either in its free form, or the subscription version?

Put aside your personal situation, and try to imagine you are a relative newcomer to computing, do you think you might pay for such a service under those circumstances?

Is there one overriding thing apart from the cost that would prevent you from subscribing?

Three questions, requiring three separate answers if you could, please. Feel free to make any other comments about the service while you're about it.

  cream. 12:58 02 Jan 2010


Thinking as a novice.

Would I use it if it was free. Yes.
Would I use it if it was a subscription, possibly if it was sub £3 and included in the BB package.

" Is there one overriding thing apart from the cost that would prevent you from subscribing? "

I am surprised the package does not come with a pro version of a reasonable AV. If it was bundled with say Norton, Kerpersky or similar. They could offer a package that gives you peace of mind that your computer is perfectly safe and if you encounter hardware or software problems you have phone or email backup from advisor's. Virgin could make a excellent deal with an AV company and then push up the monthly subscription to £6.99 giving them a yearly subscription of £83+. What would be the cost to Virgin? £10 to £15 per unit?

Look what tech friends offer click here Most novices would be tempted with this when they purchase their new computer. They sell peace of mind at the point where most novices as for advice. Virgin will have to break into this market, by aggressive advertising on TV, newspapers and their home page website.

  mobileman1953 18:15 02 Jan 2010

would use it if it was free would not pay anything for it , whatever tests you run on your machine nothing seems any different, not having any problems at the moment have not used live help so can not comment on that

  mark2 20:18 02 Jan 2010

As a novice.

As a freebie on the pc I'd use it.

On subscription for peace of mind and online help for all things digital, not just pcs, yes click here

A reliable av included would make it easier for them to sell and possibly help the techs if one av is most common to the system

  Forum Editor 13:20 03 Jan 2010

of partnering an AV application with the subscription service. It might help the perception of value for money, and it would certainly simplify problem solving if all subscribers were using a common anti-virus application.

  bjh 17:24 03 Jan 2010

I would not pay for it for myself.

I might well pay for it, as a present for my sister, as I end up being her 24-hour helpdesk!

I can see a market for it with novice users (but Cream, above, is right; it'd have to outperform something like Techfriends), and the combination with an AV and broadband supplier might make it an all-in-one option.

Personally, I wouldn't like to have to use the stipulated AV application. I'm rather sold on Norton (thanks to the other beta tests) and Kaspersky.

  Chaz10 21:56 07 Jan 2010

would you use it?

I noticed a couple of comments on here about including an AV scanner: This would be a great idea if the likes of Norton would come on board, and I would pay £5 a month the £6.99 seems a tad expensive

I think Virgin are trying hard with this as I've just had a pop-up (authorized) saying that AVG is now included in the Virgin Digital Helper Service, but I have to ask why AVG as it's free!!

Good luck to Virgin as this will appeal to novices but I think they should add it as a bolt on to there existing BB, or make it a better price with a discount for the renewal package which other companys seem to charge you full price.

  cream. 19:15 08 Jan 2010

" saying that AVG is now included in the Virgin Digital Helper Service "

I saw this a few days ago. It is included for an extra £2 a month. I wonder if it is the pro version of AVG, surely no one would pay £24 a year for a free version. I would of liked to see Norton as there partner as the AV is comprehensive and is NOT resorse hungry as some AV's.

click here

From the initial testing it seems as Virgin will expand the service with home set up's of difficult peripherals that novices and some competent users find difficult. Setting up printers, WiFi and other options will be available at a set price.
click here
click here
click here

  Forum Editor 18:49 14 Jan 2010

By way of clarification.....

Virgin has notified me that you get the full version of AVG - not the free version.

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