XP partition on a Vista machine with SATA drive

  NotVeryTechie 13:38 10 Apr 2008

I took my Toshiba laptop in to a computer shop to get a partition made and to get XP loaded in the partition (it came preloaded with Vista). The shop have told me that they can't do this as the machine has a SATA drive. I have all the XP drivers but they still say it is not possible. Is this true? Any way around this?

  Pine Man 14:22 10 Apr 2008

I am not aware of any reason why XP cannot be installed on a SATA drive but it maybe because, in theory, you are not supposed to install XP after Vista has been installed. There are ways around it, which a reputable dealer would understand.

  stylehurst 14:24 10 Apr 2008

Have a look at the Acronis site for Disk Director. You can try before you buy the program.
I run a Sata HDD machine & I know that this program will do what you wish.
If this is the sort of answer you get from your computer shop, then I would look for a new shop, they obviously don't know what they are talking about, or they can't be bothered to do the work.

  stylehurst 14:28 10 Apr 2008

Sorry forgot to add that with Disk Director suite you get another program called OS selector. You would need to use that if you are going to load XP with Vista already installed, otherwise you will muck up Vista.
Also worth while have a look at Neosmart site re installing XP after Vista.

Remember to read the available guides before stating, you can do damage to your systems at this level of work.

  NotVeryTechie 14:59 10 Apr 2008

I can't get Acronis to download and there is no link to the relevant article on Neosmart. Where else can I get guidance and what other tools can I use?

  NotVeryTechie 16:45 10 Apr 2008

And now for today's really stupid question, I have gone onto the Toshiba site and found the XP drivers. Is the SATA driver the one they call Storage Manager?

  stylehurst 17:08 10 Apr 2008

Try this link
click here

  stylehurst 17:10 10 Apr 2008

And this link for Acronis
click here

  NotVeryTechie 11:11 13 Apr 2008

Can anyone help with the SATA driver question? Is that the driver that Toshiba calls the Storage Manager? Where else would I find it?

  NotVeryTechie 12:05 14 Apr 2008

How do I look for the correct SATA driver?

  NotVeryTechie 12:05 14 Apr 2008

Stylehurst - I can get to the Acronis site. Then I click on 'download' for the trial version and the screen goes blank and stays that way.

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