Edward_Winsall 12:16 31 Dec 2005

Seems silly this.

But is there a way to install MAC software onto a Windows XP machine. I would like iMovie HD which is free to edit high defintion video. But can i install it?

Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:25 31 Dec 2005

No is the short answer.

  Taran 12:53 31 Dec 2005

with a few conditions.

There are several emulators available which allow the Mac OS and the software you can run on it to run on Windows PCs.

Most of them that I've tried are a bit clunky on all but the very latest, greatest hardware and they all have some limitations.

The best option overall is to keep Windows programs on Windows and Mac programs on the Mac. I can understand why you'd want iMovie on Windows - the Mac is unique in shipping with a raft of seriously powerful programs like iMovie, but unless you want to start tearing out your hair and inventing profanities on the spot keep using iMovie on your Mac.


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