XP Home & Machine upgrade etc.

  Blitzer 22:23 09 Apr 2003

I'm thinking of buying a number of new parts to upgrade a PC I have and was looking at getting an OEM version of Windows XP Home at the same time. Thing is I know very little about XP and wanted to know if there are any issues I should be aware of with regards to changing to this as my operating system - currently using Win98se...

* Is there any differences between the full retail version of XP Home and the OEM version?

* I read somewhere that you have to contact Micro-shaft to activate it? If/when you install/re-install it?

* Do I need to reformat the HD it would be installed on or will the installation of XP sort this as required.

* If there any problems with regards to LAN between Windows XP Home and Windows 98se - have a second machine running Win98se that I would want to hook it up with.

* Would also want to share my internet connection (broadband) as I do now using ICS - is this still possible?

* Are there any known quirks of XP that I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance. :)

  DieSse 22:32 09 Apr 2003

No - there's no difference

You always have to contact MS to activate XP (it can do it automatically when you have your Internet connection set up. You get 30 days to do it in.

The XP setup routine (boot from the CD - allows you to partition and format your HDD as you wish. You must choose FAT32 or NTFS when you do this - see quirks.

You can do a lan between XP and Win98 - it's very easy.

You can share the connection through the lan - the lan setup does this for you.

Quirks - It works fine - though it's a bit different. When you set up you have to choose the file system - NTFS (best) or FAT32 (for the few things that don't work with NTFS). If you choose FAT32, XP itself will not format a partition larger than 32GB - though it can use one, if you format it another way.

  NT Server 22:34 09 Apr 2003

The only difference between the full retail version and the OEM one is you get support from Microsoft with the retail version. You still need to activate it.
If you boot up from the cd when you install XP it will offer you the choice of reformatting your HD which is a good idea. ICS should still work ok. Don`t know of any real problems with XP. If you haven`t brought a copy yet, make sure you get the Service pack 1 version. Most of the bugs are fixed in this version.

  DieSse 22:42 09 Apr 2003

You will get support from MS with both versions.

Yes, check it's the Service Pack 1 version - though all those I've had for the last 6 months have been, you might get some old stock. It clearly says on the CD envelope.

  DieSse 22:47 09 Apr 2003


  Blitzer 22:49 09 Apr 2003

So whenever you install or re-install you need to activate XP - is there any limit to the number of times this can be done, only I seem to remeber talk of this being limited before XP came on the market?

Good news about the LAN stuff. :)

The version I have sourced along with all the hardware for the possible upgrade is the service pack 1 version so no worries there. ;-)

I suppose I should have also asked what people think of XP over Windows 98? Better, worse, less or more stable etc? Or is there really little difference between them other than a slightly new feel/look?

After a previous upgrade attempt that went very wrong I'm being very cautious this time round and am making sure I'm as prepared as I can be and 100% happy before I spend loads of money on an upgrade. If I can't convince myself the build will go well then I may well opt for the "buy a new computer" instead and save myself the hassles.

Thanks for the info though - much appreciated - keep 'em coming. ;-)

  DieSse 23:00 09 Apr 2003

I don't think there's a limit - I've redone mine twice, as i change the harware around quite a bit. Don't do the first time straight away - there's 30 days, and it gives to chance to mess around with your hardware first, if you need to.

  Blitzer 23:34 09 Apr 2003

Anymore for any more? :)

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