Wireless Connection and Mac keys - Help :)

  woody007 08:28 26 Oct 2006

Hi Everyone!

Seeking some advice as I've messed up my wireless connection at home!

Last night I looked at the setting on my Philips wireless base unit and decided to add a few mac keys so only certain computers can use the connection.

I placed the mac key of my brother's laptop and pressed submit, then all of a sudden the internet connection dropped and I've not been able to connect since. I also cannot delete the mac keys I've added as the Philips software uses the internet to change them.

Now was I supposed to add the mac key of the desktop PC?

Will un installing it do any good? System restore? Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated!


  woody007 11:11 26 Oct 2006

anyone :)

  Aargh 13:24 26 Oct 2006

Don't know the router you use, but I presume you know how to find the mac address of each pc connected to your net?

If your router setup page/software is capable it may be able to display each mac address connected.

You need to enter every pc mac address into the router, otherwise that pc will be locked out (it's called mac address filtering).

To find the mac addresses if you dont know them

Click Start>run

type cmd

type ipconfig/all

This will display the 'physical address' (mac) for the pc. Repeat on each machine.

If you are confident with your connection settings - restart your router and enter details from scratch, but it sounds like you've locked yourself out at the moment.

  irishrapter 14:07 26 Oct 2006

What computer did you use to set your brothers laptop MAC address?
If it was another computer and not your brothers laptop then that is why you can no longer get access to the router, it will only allow access from your brothers computer.

Try getting access to the router from the laptop and setup the router to allow access from the other computers.
Or you could just reset the router, should be some sort of a reset switch at the back of the router.

  woody007 14:10 26 Oct 2006

I used the hardwired PC to set it up. I basically used the ipconfig/all command on my brothers laptop and then typed his MAC key into my desktop. Ever sice I did that the connection dropped.

I've got a funny feeling that I needed to put the MAC key of my desktop in there as I assume it's locked.


  irishrapter 16:14 26 Oct 2006

Yeah that looks correct, you have locked out all computers a part from the laptop.

You could get access from the Laptop and add your computers MAC address like you did for the laptop or just reset the router, but you will lose all settings!

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