Windows repair on a dell XP machine problems

  MIKE. 11:44 08 Jan 2009

I am trying to do a windows repair on a dell desktop using XP home. I am being asked for for the file "asrms" during loading which windows tells me is on the windows XP home edition SP2 CD. When I put the SP2 disk in the machine it does not access the CD. I am now locked into a windows repair setup and cannot access the SP2 disk. My question is how to access the "asrms" file or how to extracate my self from windows repair.Help!!!!!!!!

  johndrew 11:59 08 Jan 2009

Not being certain of why you are trying to do a `Repair` of XP, it sounds as if sfc /scannow would be a better choice click here. This link also contains other information if you go to the `Home` page.

It is likely the reason your PC can`t access the CD is because it is in a different drive to that used in loading the OS originally. If you wish to continue with the `Repair` option, this may help click here.

  MIKE. 12:57 08 Jan 2009

Many thanks johndrew the reason I am trying to do a repair. My sons girlfriend went to download data not sure where and ended up locking the machine with BSOD. I managed to slave the hardrive and removed about 10 nasties with AVG. After running windows again which started I could not access many parts of Windows. What I really need to do is cancel the windows repair set up but I seem to be in a loop. The only other option to my mind is a full reload of windows which would lose all data on H/D.

  baldydave 13:16 08 Jan 2009

put the drive back in the dell pc,set the bios to boot from cd(press f2 or del it will say as pc starts to enter bios).
press any key to boot from cd
follow onscreen instructions
when you get to a screen giving recovery options press enter to carry on do not use recovery you will then come to what looks like then install screen,carry on and xp will find your existing windows,choose repair option for this,it will replace all system files but SHOULD leave data intact(have you got a backup incase).You will need to install your xp key so have it handy.

  baldydave 13:23 08 Jan 2009

Before doing what i suggested above can you boot into safe mode press and hold f8 key as pc starts
and pick safe mode and do a system restore to a earlier point(program/accssories/system tools/system restore) or pick last known good configaration

  MIKE. 13:47 08 Jan 2009

Hi baldydave because I am locked into the windows repair setup I cannot get into safe mode, when the system tries to access safe mode it tells me it cannot enter safe mode while doing windows repair. Regarding your first recomendation in doing a repair that is what I did earlier. I keep being asked to to put in the SP2 disk to access a file "asrms" when I do it does not access the CD. My only obvious option is to do a complete reload of windows. I feel it seems a bit drastic but if I can't cancel windows repair im stuffed.

  T0SH 15:10 08 Jan 2009

"asrms" does not appear to be a windows file and is not on the SP2 CD unless you have misread or typed it wrongly , (it is a while since I last did a repair install so it is hard to remember) butpresumably there would be some option to skip this file and carry on with the repair

Cheers HC

  baldydave 15:19 08 Jan 2009

Have you got another hologram xp cd you could borrow as the file asms relates to cdrom communication,it may be a disk problem,
links to asms problems
click here
Is the cdrom cabling ok(try a good push on ide cable and power) or have you another cd rom drive you can try(make sure it is set the same as one you remove(ie master/slave pin at the back)

  baldydave 15:21 08 Jan 2009

looking like cd rom drive fault
click here

  MIKE. 16:16 08 Jan 2009

Hi one and all thanks for all your help and advice yes it was a typo from me the missing file was "asms". I did some further delving on Microsoft site and I had to amend the registry to access the CD rom drive. Again many thanks for every ones advice and input. Not sure if its been said yet, a happy new year to all.

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