Windows, Mac software ?

  Analyst02 15:40 28 Mar 2006


A friend has asked me to download some software for his 'Mac'as i have 2mb broadband and he is only on dial up.

I have windows XP Pro, He has a Mac running 'Tiger' i believe.

Question: If i download the software for him using my windows machine, and burn it straight onto a CD, Will it play on his 'Mac' machine? Or does windows alter the image file during the downloading process?


  Genius1 16:45 28 Mar 2006

Is this software you want to download designed to run on a Mac operating system?

  phono 16:54 28 Mar 2006

Does this help click here

It seems to suggest that a CD burnt to the ISO-9660 standard should work fine, don't as the article says, use plain windows drag and drop, use Nero or similar software.

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