Windows and Mac compatability

  GBL 21:53 11 Jun 2003

I use XP pro and would like to put my photos onto CD or Zip so that my daughter can enhance them etc on her Apple Mac.

Also when she has done her work I would like to be able to print them off on my printer.

I do have Adobe photoshop.

Is this possible??

  Lú-tzé 22:33 11 Jun 2003

Just put them onto the CD as tif format (my preference for printing images) or your preferred format.

Getting them back onto a cd from the MAC and being able to read the cd on a PC is a different matter - others may know more about that.

  jazzypop 23:03 11 Jun 2003

click here for help with allowing MACs and PCs to read each other's CDs. The whole site is worth a browse if you are going to be exchanging data regularly.

  HighTower 12:29 12 Jun 2003

Macs and PC's are fine when it comes to reading standard image files like tifs and jpgs created on either machine. Even fairly old macs and pc's can read each others cd's.

Only issue you may have is that macs don't use file extensions (the .jpg bit) but instead use a resource fork. As a result the pc will not know what the file is if the mac saves it without an extension, so when you save files on the mac it will probably help to rename the file with the relevant extension on. You will probably also find that the mac will want to open the image file in Quicktime rather than photoshop as if it has been saved on a pc then the mac resource fork will be missing.

As long as you know what sort of file it is then either computer will not have a problem opening the files, especially if you are using Photoshop which can open just about any image.

  GBL 18:07 12 Jun 2003

thanks to all, I will see how I get on.

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