Windows On Apple Mac Computers

  rawprawn 15:06 06 Apr 2006

click here, I find this announcement very interesting, as It will give us all a real chance to have the best of both worlds, or will it???

  Stuartli 00:34 07 Apr 2006

Apple released a Windows system some two or three weeks ago.

It's more interesting from the point of view of the (seemingly) capitulation of Apple with regard to Windows.

  rawprawn 09:13 07 Apr 2006

I am obviously behind the times, I only found out yesterday. The reason for my interest is that I got to play around on a Mac for about 20 minutes a while ago, and I quite liked the feel of it but I would be loath to leave Windows. I was just thinking it may be an option when I next change my computer.
There doesn't seem to be a great deal of interest so I will tick as resolved. Thanks for your interest.

  Stuartli 09:19 07 Apr 2006

You are not behind the times - your link is a further development and was only made known earlier this week.

There was considerable newspaper and TV advertising for the Mac system and much gloating by Microsoft...:-)

  dms05 09:46 07 Apr 2006

But why pay Apple's very high prices for hardware when you can buy Windows computers so cheaply? Apple's worldwide market share is now below 3% and has fallen steadily over the years. Dell grows each year by more than Apples total sales.If I could run OSX on my Windows laptop I might be interested but why waste your time and money doing it the other way round?

  rawprawn 11:36 08 Apr 2006

Nevertheless, I find todays PCA Home page article very interesting reading.

  Forum Editor 12:09 08 Apr 2006

as is this whole business of convergence.

I am on record as saying that Apple would sell millions more computers if they did two things:-

1. Get the price of the hardware down.

2. Get Windows onto Macs.

I doubt that many people would disagree with me if I said that Apple makes the best-looking computers and monitors on the planet - bar none - and if they can give us the best of both worlds (Apple Macs running Windows natively) both Apple and Microsoft will see enormous benefits.

Now all Apple have to do is market a G5 intel-based PowerMac that runs both MacOS X and Windows XP (or Vista), price-point it at £950 and they'll have to employ Police to control the queues outside every Apple store.

  rawprawn 14:04 08 Apr 2006


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