Will Belkin USB 54g work with an Apple Mac?

  belcanto 23:58 29 Jan 2008

Hi there, I want to give to a friend of mine an old usb 54g wifi stick. Problem is though that she has an apple mac, which is not wifi enabled. Can you tell me if it will work with it or not?



  Kemistri 00:04 30 Jan 2008

I'll take a stab in the dark and assume that you have a F5D7050 -- since you didn't specify. Version 2 of this device has a Mac OS 10.3 driver on Belkin's UK support website and that's about the closest that you can get.

  mgmcc 20:28 30 Jan 2008

I use a Belkin F5D7050 USB WiFi adapter with a MacMini and it works well.

I picked up drivers that work with OSX 10.4 somewhere on the internet (not from Belkin) and if you want a copy of these, click the envelope beside my name to email me.

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