Wich wireless Router for PC & Mac on AOL

  hmd 21:49 02 Aug 2006

Hi, wich wireless router I need to buy to be able to use with PC and MAC at the same time. My ISP is AOL platinum.
If i have a wireless router with 4 Ethernet port can I plug in the MAC Airport Express to be able to use the Mac laptop, or does the router on its own send the signal to both pc and mac???????????
I need advice from the expert before I buy the router.
In my house we have 2 PC, 2 Laptop, and an iBook Laptop (Mac) and we use AOL Platinum, but cannot use the aol router with the Mac.
thanks in advance for your help

  avid_gooner 22:03 02 Aug 2006

i was told netgear with aol, but not sure bout macs im afraid

  ade.h 22:18 02 Aug 2006

Any decent brand/model: Linksys WAG354G, any 3Com, or Belkin 7632. Those are what I always use/recommend.

  ade.h 22:19 02 Aug 2006

You will find that networking with Macs is pretty much the same as with Windows.

  hmd 18:41 03 Aug 2006

ade.h, thanx for your response, but with one of this router you mention above, do i need to plug in the Airport Express or they work strait with mac and pc.

  ade.h 18:44 03 Aug 2006

Run an RJ45 to the Mac's Ethernet port, as far as I am aware, just as normal. I assume that it actually has an internal Ethernet port?

  hmd 22:17 03 Aug 2006

ade.h - Yes but what i'm trying to do is to connect the mac wirelessly to the router who is connected to my pc.
wireless router connected to my pc via Ethernet cable, then send the signal to another pc and 2 laptop, but i want also to connect the mac wirelessly.

  hmd 22:19 03 Aug 2006

I`m thinking that if i had a router with more than one Ethernet port a could plug in my Airport Express to send the signal to the mac??

  ade.h 22:22 03 Aug 2006

You didn't make that clear at all. Don't assume that I know what an Airport is, but I do know that MACs can connect to routers via wifi using basically the same method as Windows PCs, so I would assume that the Airport (I am guessing that it is some form of external wifi adapter?) will be fully capable of it.

  hmd 22:36 03 Aug 2006

Yes, Airport Express is bit like a wireless router for the MAC with Ethernet port and USB port, so if a router cannot send wireless signal to PC and mac at the same time I taught that if i plug the mac wireless router into the pc wireless router via Ethernet port the mac will work??
do i sound clear??????????
just trying to understand what i need to do.

  ade.h 22:36 03 Aug 2006

Thinking about it, I cannot see this Airport device functioning as a WAP connected to the router, because this would require wifi capability in the MAC itself (which would negate the need for the Airport?!) so I can only think that the Airport functions as your MAC's wifi adapter. And thus doesn't connect to the router in any direct sense.

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