Why is my machine so slow...?

  pcdaley21 17:25 02 Apr 2008

Ok not too sure why but my PC is slower than ever at the moment. I've just recently installed a fresh copy of windows vista.

Specs with vista scores

Pentium Dual core at 2.8Ghz - 4.7
Geforce 9600 Gt 512 Mb - 5.9
1 Gb Ram - 4.5
250 Gig HDD - 5.9

Shouldn't it be good for playing games?

Any help please, I wanna play COD4 so badly. Mike

  brundle 17:29 02 Apr 2008

Another 1GB of memory would help

  pcdaley21 17:36 02 Apr 2008

I tried that but no change, was really unstable when I added the RAM also...?

  Pamy 17:47 02 Apr 2008

Was it slow before you recently installed a fresh copy of windows vista?

  brundle 17:47 02 Apr 2008

New memory? Matched pair of chips? Unstable in what regard - crashes and lockups? If you got blue screen errors check for memory problems with Memtest click here. The system will be a little slower after a fresh install while Vista builds the super-prefetch cache and search index, it should settle down after a while.

  pcdaley21 18:14 02 Apr 2008

I bought more RAM as a friend said that might be the problem.

I bought 2 512Mb sticks of
DDR2 PC2-4300

Is that right?

  brundle 18:45 02 Apr 2008

Depends on your motherboard and to a lesser extent your existing memory. Scan your machine here click here to find memory that is compatible and verify if what you have fits the bill

  pcdaley21 13:21 03 Apr 2008

It was just as slow before I added the GPU and installed windows... so sad

  woodchip 13:59 03 Apr 2008

Sounds like you have done a mix of memory modules.
Suggest you buy two 1gb modules that are for your computer. And you may now have two vista version's on your computer, bad idea reducing disc space

  Pamy 14:15 03 Apr 2008

before I added the GPU. Whats that then?

  woodchip 14:16 03 Apr 2008

graphics card

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