Why buy from the Apple Store? (i know why)

  JIM 14:44 18 Dec 2004

"Whatever your needs, experience the clear benefits of buying from the Apple Store"

Well, the above is part of the what i would have discribed as typical internet shopping blurb at one time until you know better.

Being a user of Quicktime media i decided to purchase their QuickTime Pro version from the Apple internet store. click here No problems at the time i thought!!Downloaded and recieved the normal emails following my purchase and the upgrade was well worth the £25 for the media results that followed.

Three days later having a casual look at my online bank balance i was a bit upset due to Apple payment being de-ducted twice.Now what had gone wrong! I had no idea but on checking those emails and order numbers it appears some how i had ordered twice within 30sec's or so,even though i was not aware of it and still not to sure to this day how it may have happened.(Nothing to do with the One click ordering system if used)

Phoned Apple,via there 0800 num,Monday 13th Dec and explained what i could!! "not knowing truth-fully" if it was my fault or my pc system or the internet.

Apple customer service "listened" to what i had to say,checked what they could from there end, what-ever that may be and said they would re-credit me within five days. (Wishfull thinking I thought)

I have just re-checked my online banking this morning and happy very!!!! to say, Apple have answered my topic heading.

Why buy from the Apple Store?

Could it be "very good customer service" with honesty ? - - Thank you Apple.

  Kate B 14:43 21 Dec 2004

Must say, I like the Apple store too - great customer service, which makes up for the slightly higher prices. And the Apple Store in Regent Street is heaven for someone like me: loves shopping, loves geeky things. A temple to geeky shopping pleasure!

  erkmatrix 13:07 22 Dec 2004

You could say shouldn't of happened in the first place, but your right its good to know there are companies that are good at sorting quickly problems and actually keeping consumers happy, lets face it, they do this you will always shop again there.

  Smartfish 14:18 22 Dec 2004

1: Quality

2: Innovation

3: Good Customer Service

... only my humble opinions!!

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