Who uses Apple iTunes?

  Forum Editor 08:58 18 Sep 2004

Apple look like they're in hot water for charging UK downloaders a hefty chunk more than their French counterparts. A single track costs £0.79p in the UK and the equivalent of £0.67p (or as near as makes no difference) a train-ride away in France.

Do you use iTunes, and if you do what do you think of their pricing policy? Come to that, do you download music from other pay-per-track sites, and what about the omnipresent Stelios Haji-Ioannou? EasyJet's founder is entering the online music business in partnership with Wippit, and will be offering tracks for as little as £0.25p.

I realise I'm inviting "music industry fat-cat" rants here, and fair enough, but please try to stick to the point - it's the point about the disparity in costs that interests me. It interests the Consumers' Association too, they've asked the Office of Fair trading to take a look at iTunes.

  Vague Boy 12:49 18 Sep 2004

I downloaded a couple of tunes frim iTunes. The download went smoothly enough but I wasn't keen on their use of .m4p files. The final straw came when I tried to burn the tracks to a CD using Nero. The iTunes software got in the way and wouldn't let me do it the way I wanted to (very Apple) so in the end I uninstalled it. Nil point for Apple!

If someone can come along and offer a download service with (a) less pushy software and (b) lower prices, I'd give them a go.

  smokingbeagle² 16:00 18 Sep 2004

Walmart are offering their U.S customers tracks for 88 cents ~ 49 pence. We seem to go through this phase with consumer goods where $1 = £1. No doubt the OFT will investigate, report and action will be taken ..eventually. It is like watching one of those "wrestling" matches on TV where the ref is looking elsewhere while out and out cheating is taking place in the ring.
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  CurlyWhirly 17:47 18 Sep 2004

I took a look some time ago at Napster but to be honest I found them expensive at (I think I can't remember!) 79p a track!
I think that until the price comes down to a sensible level most people will download illegally.
I personally think that 25p a track sounds fair enough to me and if this is the case I probably would start using these music sites.

  powerless 22:48 18 Sep 2004

I've been using iTunes for about, 30 whole minutes because of this thread.

Already spent a ***whopping** £1.58 on two tracks.

I'm not bothered, it's one hell of an easy convenience.

  PUNKA 16:17 20 Sep 2004

Reported in here this morning that Woolworths are getting in on it too, the more the merrier as far as the paying customer is concerned eh ???.

  accord 19:51 20 Sep 2004

I havent as yet purely due to the fact that you have to use apples software. Im not being dictated to by them as to what software i have to use. (M$ excluded in that comment)

I am toying with the idea of a Sony or AN Other for Xmas but NOT ipod. I think they are overrated and too expensive.

So to answer your question FE: I think we, as always, are being ripped off yet again. Im sure Apples european servers feed 'europe' and that each country doesnt have its own dedicated server.

  Al94 21:23 20 Sep 2004

Here he comes again with cheap music downloads click here, just in time for Christmas allegedly!!

  accord 22:23 20 Sep 2004

just browsed click here sonys music download site and their tracks are priced at £1.09 average. Yeah right !!!!! What is going on???

  Kate B 14:19 21 Sep 2004

Call me old-fashioned but I buy music on CDs ... that way you have a hard copy, you can rip it to whatever format you prefer, you're not tied up in restrictions on how you use it and you can put it on to whichever portable music-player you like, from old-fashioned cassette Walkman to iPod and iPod pretenders.

  GibsonSt19 20:02 21 Sep 2004

Copywright law (once again, sorry about this) is v strict. You're not supposed to rip your CD's to ANY other format.

Sad, I know, and a technicality in legal terms, but the sooner we get a fair usage policy, the better (hurrah for the US)

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