Who makes good washing machines?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:45 01 Jul 2008

10 years ago we bought a new Bosch washing machine and it's still going strong! Now we want to buy one for a friend who is moving into a new flat and wonder if Bosch is still as reliable as ever?

Should we buy another Bosch or go for a different brand? I ask as I've seen a Bosch for £350 which is about what we paid 10 years ago.

Cheers, Dio

  Seth Haniel 11:52 01 Jul 2008

Do you mean some unscroupulous firms make bad washing machines.

click here

Bosch is fourth
Miele at number 1 ;)

  birdface 12:01 01 Jul 2008

We always used Hotpoint washing machines but they are not included in the click here list.You always get a 5 year warranty, and had very little trouble with them.Mind you it's that long since we bought one i am not sure if you still get that warranty.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:03 01 Jul 2008

That's kind of where I thought we were - Miele and AEG are above budget - I'm surprised to see Siemens there though - will take a look at them.

Cheers, Dio

  Diodorus Siculus 12:04 01 Jul 2008

Cheers - I don't see the 5 year warranty as standard any more :(

  interzone55 12:10 01 Jul 2008

My Mother-in-law has an AEG that's been running for 30 years.

Bosch stuff is generally very good, a lot of washing machines are around £150 - £200, so £350 is kind of mid range.

I've got a cheap Indesit washing machine that's been going strong for about 15 years, I've had the drive belt changed twice and that's about all that's gone wrong with it...

  Cymro. 12:36 01 Jul 2008

We are now on our second Hotpoint for the last twenty years and would recommend them to anyone. The brushes in the motor burn out after about five years use but new once are cheep enough to buy and easy enough for anyone to put in. In fact it is installing a new set of brushes that is the only thing we have ever had to do to the two machines that we have had.

I suspect that Hotpoint will be seen by many as the bottom end of the market, but cheep and cheerful they may be but, they have served us very well and I would recommend one to anyone.

  Quickbeam 12:45 01 Jul 2008

Generally the cost of a more expensive one is in the cost of a stainless steel drum & spindle... This extra cost will pay dividends longterm in hardwater areas.

  sunny staines 12:48 01 Jul 2008

AEG were good but have been bought out by one of the poorer quality makes. Not sure if their high standard dropped in line with new buyer bringing in any cost cutting.

  Picklefactory 13:03 01 Jul 2008

I paid about £280 for my Bosch around 2 years ago. Not a blip as yet, very happy with it. I bought on the basis (Amonsgt other things) of being a Which best buy, found plenty of other recommendations too.

  peter99co 13:25 01 Jul 2008

We have a ten year old Hotpoint which has just had to have a set of brushes. Total cost of find fault and fix was £25

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