which wifi hard drive for backing up data?

  Nick-2265744 18:15 03 Apr 2015

Hi there - I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good reliable wireless hard drive for backing up my data from my mac?

Most of the wireless drives I see advertise themselves as streaming devices for iPads etc. but Im not really interested in that aspect and would just like to backup my mac via Time Machine to one.

thanks for any advice you can give!


  wee eddie 19:11 03 Apr 2015

Why do you not wish to connect by USB3 or Thunderbolt? I know it may sound silly but your Hard Drive is going to have to be plugged into something, either the Mains or a Computer, so you may as well use the Computer for power and data.

  Nick-2265744 19:18 03 Apr 2015

I have macbook, so basically I don't want to worry about plugging it in and unplugging/unmounting a harddrive every time I put it down on my desk. I thought that I could buy a wireless one, sit it in the corner of my room and forget about it. (that was the plan anyway :) )

  wee eddie 20:57 03 Apr 2015

A NAS Drive is the type of thing you could be looking at

  Nick-2265744 21:33 03 Apr 2015

aha! so is there a difference between a NAS and a wireless hard drive? (sorry, not my area of expertise) Are there any good NAS drives you could recommend?

thanks for your help!

  wee eddie 22:28 03 Apr 2015

Someone else will have to help you there, because I use an USB3 External Hard Drive for a weekly main backup and Nero's On-line facilities for daily backups of my .pst file and Work in Progress Folder

  Nick-2265744 23:25 03 Apr 2015

no worries. I notice that NAS drives need to be attacked to a wireless router... Is it hard to set them up?

  Nick-2265744 23:37 03 Apr 2015

i guess the apple time capsule would be the perfect solution, its just that I was hoping to spend a lot less (I can get a hard drive for hald the price)

  wee eddie 23:54 03 Apr 2015

Assuming that you already have a WiFi Router. Just plug an External Hard Drive into it and it becomes part of your Network and your Macbook should be able to access it

  Nick-2265744 00:01 04 Apr 2015

Wow didn't know you could do that! Learning a not :). Yes I have a virgin 'super hub'. I'll look into how to do that then - hopefully it won't be too hard

Thanks for the advice

  Nick-2265744 00:05 04 Apr 2015

Although having said that the router doesn't seem to have a USB port so I'll have to find a harddrive with am Ethernet port (which I guess leads me back to nas)

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