Which kind of iPad is the best for note taking?

  Lili.g 19:30 10 May 2013

I am disabled . I have problems in my hands . I write with my foot .But when I write , I lean too much towards my notebook . I want to buy an iPad to connect it to my laptop so that I can see what I write with my foot at the real time in my laptop with the help of iPad . I need the screen to be big. I want to be able to write easily with a stylus on the screen (with no pause and delay). I also want to connect it to my Asus laptop with a reflector . Is what I am imagining going to work? Which kind of iPad should I buy ? Could I replace my notebook with an iPad ?

  Forum Editor 23:48 10 May 2013

"I need the screen to be big. I want to be able to write easily with a stylus on the screen (with no pause and delay)."

My immediate reaction is to say forget the iPad idea - it's an expensive option,and there may be better solutions. The screen may not be large enough for your purpose.

You could buy a touch-screen laptop and use a stylus to write in an application called 'Windows Journal. The software will convert your handwriting to text, which you can then copy and paste into another location - this forum for instance - or save as a journal document.

Alternatively, you might consider voice recognition software that would convert your spoken words to text.

I might be more help if you can tell me more specifically what you mainly want to use your computer for.

  Lili.g 19:19 12 May 2013

Dear Forum Editor : I study mathematics at university . So I need to write formulas , draw diagrams , and so on. I don't have any problems for note taking at class . But when I'm solving a math problem , I need to write a formula or draw a picture of what I am imagining to think better about it . So I think voice recognition software couldn't help me . I bought some kind of note taker tablet , but it worked very slowly . I also saw Intuos pen tablet (Wacom). I couldn't hold the pen in my foot properly since there were two buttons on the pen(as right and lef click) . I clicked the buttons unexpectedly when I was writing . It was hard for me to write with . I'm not sure if iPad could help me to write as soft as a pen . Tomorrow I'm going to write with a bamboo stylus on my friend's iPad .I think 9.7 inch is enough for me . If you have any other ideas that could help me , I will become very happy to hear that.Thanks in advance .

  Forum Editor 23:47 12 May 2013

It sounds to me that, as you're attending lectures and taking notes, an iPad would be a good solution.

Your iPad will connect to your laptop using the cable that comes with it - one end has a USB connector. The easiest way to transfer files is to have iTunes installed on the laptop - your iPad will automatically appear there when connected.

If you have saved handwriting or diagrams on the iPad you'll need to save them as PDFs before you transfer them, then you'll be able to open and read them on the laptop in Adobe reader (free download), but you won't be able to edit them. You can get various applications which will save your iPad files as PDFs - I use one called Save2PDFwhich you can download from the App store in iTunes for £3.99. It works perfectly, and will convert almost any kind of file to PDF.

  Lili.g 16:59 14 May 2013

Thank you so much. Does it make any differences if I buy iPad 2 or 4 ?

  Forum Editor 17:12 14 May 2013

"Does it make any differences if I buy iPad 2 or 4 ?"

The main differences are that the iPad 4 is much faster, has the superior retina display, and has voice recognition software, so you can dictate emails, etc. Otherwise, the iPad 2 is fine, it has the same processing power and graphics as the iPad mini, and has plenty of life-cycle left.

If your budget permits, go for the iPad 4 - you won't be disappointed.

  wee eddie 20:12 14 May 2013

Should you be tempted to record the lecture, using the Voice Recognition Software to go straight to Text, you would be well advised to inform the Lecturer in advance.

  Forum Editor 22:55 14 May 2013

wee eddie

"you would be well advised to inform the Lecturer in advance."

Care to explain why? I can't think of a reason.

  wee eddie 23:53 14 May 2013

In my Taxi I am allowed to listen to the conversation of Passengers but have to tell them if I wish to use CCTV and am then restricted should I wish to make an Audio record.

On my Telephone, I am required to inform the Third Part if I intend to record a call.

But in this case I think that it would be down to Good Manners

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