Which HDD for my IDE machine ?

  Furkin 15:28 20 Dec 2010

ACER T120 Desktop. XPpro sp3 - IE8 - All wired all IDE. 120gb Seagate + 40gb W.D.

Just went to defrag my system & see that I don't have enough room left !

I've ben thinking for some time about upgrading my system inerds, but this needs sorting whilst I glean info on the update.

Having just looked for a reasonable IDE drive, I see that they've shot up in price (compared to SATA).
I was hoping to go to 1Tb for £50/60 (I know, bit out of touch !)
My quandary is: do I go for a smaller IDE at quite a cost (£ per gb) or try to use a SATA and whatever it needs to go with it. At least a SATA would be usable after the later upgrade.

1/ I've seen an adaptor that lets you use an IDE in a SATA machine - is there one to use SATA on IDE machine ?

2/ If I get an External - USB - one, does the USB interface do away with the SATA/PATA choice, or are there other points that I need to know ?

I will also be after a PSU later on, but I suppose I could go for one now. What connectors would I need on that to feed both SATA hdd & the rest of my IDE stuff ?
(My W.D D:\ is purely for music at the moment, but that will be disposed of at the same time. I rekkon a Tb will be suffice for all my needs (which reminds me that my first computer had a whopping 52mb drive !?)

At the end of the day, I want value for money (£ per Gb) and hopefully a bit of future proofing.

Whats the quickest, cheapest and best way to sort out my dilemma please ?

thanks for reading,,,,,

  jack O'lantern 15:49 20 Dec 2010

Large lumps-HDD Drives, power supplies and the like then it is best to simply go for a bare bones system and use the old drives both Hdd and Optical as externals with a suitable IDE/USB cable.
Replacing old parts with new is dearer in the long run and the remaining old bits will eventually fail- so you are in a loop of continous replacement.

  GaT7 16:10 20 Dec 2010

I'd go for an external SATA drive & use it for storage only. You should get one that's USB & eSATA capable, so you'll have the latter (which is quicker than USB) for the future.

I'd suggest something like this external USB/eSATA enclosure click here (1 in stock now) / click here (£10-15) & a separate 1Tb SATA drive click here (£40, yes forty!)). This arrangement will also give you greater flexibility compared to a standard external HD (like these click here) which only have USB.

The IDE-SATA adapter is not ideal, & as you say, IDE drives are quite a bit dearer than their equivalent SATA ones.

If you go for an internal SATA drive (& molex-SATA adapter) instead, you don't need to go in for a new PSU as the necessary cables may be included with the adapter. Otherwise, these are under £2 for a set, e.g. click here.

I think for your present needs going for a altogether new setup (as jack suggests) is not very economical or wise unless you needed to upgrade many more components. G

  Furkin 18:17 20 Dec 2010

As I say, I do want to upgrade most of the inside (M.B - CPU - Mem - PSU etc) in the near future, but as time is of the essence for a HDD, I rekkon the external USB/eSATA + HDD is the way to go.

The HDD will then be available for when I do upgrade.

thanks for the input folks

  Furkin 18:41 20 Dec 2010

Is there much difference (+opinions) between:
SAMSUNG HD103SJ & HITACHI Deskstar ? Both 1Tb, 7200 rpm & 32mb cache.

  GaT7 18:45 20 Dec 2010

I would go for the Samsung F3, & just found it's the same price at Amazon but with free delivery included click here. G

  GaT7 18:50 20 Dec 2010

Oh, but I just realised you'll be paying a delivery charge for the enclosure. The HD + enclosure + something of very low value (11p even) will get your order up to £50 & be eligible for eBuyer's free delivery option. G

  GaT7 19:05 20 Dec 2010

Instead of the enclosure I suggested, perhaps another to consider is a USB/eSATA docking station like click here. This can also be used to access 2.5" SATA drives (the ones found in laptops) & solid state drives (or SSDs - the ones that may replace SATA drives one day).

They are also available at Amazon click here for a similar price. G

  Furkin 19:22 20 Dec 2010

thanks for taking the time to look around for me. I was doing likewise.

Am also thinking of the CIT 650w PSU. Great deal, or cheap & nasty (£29)?

  GaT7 20:05 20 Dec 2010

Why do you think you need to change or upgrade your PSU? Well, I suppose it also depends on what upgrades you'll be doing in the future, which may be a strain on the ageing Acer one.

If your future upgrades don't involve a high-end graphics card, I'd suggest going for a quality 350-450W one, like this Antec 380W EarthWatts click here (£35) for instance, or this Corsair 430W CX click here for only £2-3 extra. Don't always go for a higher wattage PSU (even if its cheaper to much cheaper), but rather for a better quality one. G

  GaT7 00:00 21 Dec 2010

Sorry, I forgot to mention at least one other way of connecting your new SATA drive to your IDE-only PC. If you have a space PCI slot, you could get an internal SATA PCI card like click here. Confirm that you have at least one free hard drive mount inside the case.

Some user reviews mention a SATA data cable included, but you'll still need a molex-SATA power cable. Might as well buy a data+power set, & they are a little cheaper at click here. G

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