where to buy new XP machine

  kimtrnc 05:25 25 Jul 2010

Is there anyone, anywhere who will sell me this? Ok, I have tried. And tried. And tried. I just do not like WIN 7. I hold my hands up, I am an old-fashioned Luddite.

My win 7 wants to run the show instead of me. It insists on putting files where IT thinks is right, ensuring that I can never find them again, because its search engine is pathetic.

It nannies me all the time, not accepting that I have been around computers for a lot longer than it has.

It believes me to be an uncouth Stone Age erk,and in need of constant babying

And to crown it all, my laser printer (old, but absolutely reliable) will not work with W7.

  tullie 06:41 25 Jul 2010

Buy an XP disc.?

  kimtrnc 06:54 25 Jul 2010

Thanks Tullie - if only it were that simple. My win 7 machine will not allow me even to dual boot. I would be very happy to use my absolutely genuine Windows XP disk, but my system will not allow it. Can't dual boot, can't make an ZXP partition....NOTHING
I think I may throw this win 7 machine into the sea!

  badgermansix 06:59 25 Jul 2010

How about Killdisk, and start from scratch?

  kimtrnc 07:46 25 Jul 2010

What is Killdisk, please? And how would that help?

This Win7 machine has been to the repairers twice, and come back in exactly the same state, except that they had lost a lot of my files.

This machine was originally bought from Ebay. I had it for about three hours, and then it exploded. Yes, exploded! Ebay/Paypal refunded my money, and the machine was then completely rebuilt, until this week when it stopped working again, and was "repaired again.....only I am beginning to think that the repairers didn't quite know what they are doing. I live in Cyprus, and this company is considered the best!

  Diemmess 07:58 25 Jul 2010

One way which should work, even though it is a plodding way to do it.

Assuming you have another PC.
Take the Win7 loaded HD out of its computer and either lash it up as a temporary second HD on the other computer,... or ...
Fit it into an external case with USB connection.

FORMAT should work from the host PC

  kimtrnc 08:19 25 Jul 2010

Diemmess - Afraid I only have one machine. I do have an external hard drive, but presumably that would still use the characteristics and components of the "unwilling" existing machine?

  Diemmess 08:41 25 Jul 2010

Another radical thought....

If you have the least doubt that on some future day you would like another try at W7, why not replace the current HDD with a brand new one and install XP from scratch.

The current HD can be stored, formatted, or if fitted into a suitable external drive case, used as an external drive for data and backups

  rickf 08:44 25 Jul 2010

As hard drives are so cheap now do as Diemmess says. Saves you a lot of work.

  kimtrnc 08:57 25 Jul 2010

That sounds really promising, but how do we know that the problem IS the hard drive - the repairer is suggesting that that is impossible, and the problem may be with the actual components he put in, rather than the hard drive. How can I tell which is right?

  Diemmess 09:31 25 Jul 2010

Do you mean that you changed to W7 on this computer?
It doesn't alter the probability that you can install XP on this computer using a brand new HD.
Make sure that you have a full XP installation disk and not merely a recovery disk.
You need the full disk if you are going to use a new HD and the new one must be the same type (IDE or SATA).
The capacity or make doesn't matter as long as it has a similar or larger capacity, and suits your pocket.

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