What MAC code

  TC 17:39 30 Aug 2006

I have been with Freeserve, then Wanadoo and now orange.
I first tried to get a MAC code from Wanadoo, I e-mailed, phoned and wrote, but still no MAC code and I gave up. I did write to PC adviser but I suppose it was not an interesting subject at the time.

I filled out the PC adviser survey a few weeks back, I think it was about migration and have written in again, last week.

I have been paying £27.99 for years and I only have 1.1 BB. So I phoned and said, can I cancel, note not attempt to get a MAC code.
I was told I could have the same service for only £17.99 and I would get a box to make free Phone call, what a wally, I said yes.

I got a box about the size of a house, as if my wife is going to let me put that anywhere. It has a CI slot no doubt for a viewing cam and card in the future, well it would have to be the future as I am not going to download much at 1.1

Well, I put the box in my wardrobe and thought no more about it.
Then I was billed over £40, I wrote in and said cancel the service, they said sorry it was a conversion fee, I could have moved to another IP for free.
what the hell, I left it.
The following month, can you guess.
The charged me £45.98 .

So I phoned and was polite, the young lady said her supervisor had agreed to refund me both amounts.
Then I said can I have my MAC code, she transfered me. I was promised the MAC code to the FSnet e-mail address (which I do not use).

Can you guess again, yep, no MAC code.

(I wrote again on this day to PC advise)

But I did find an e-mail that asked that I sign and return the rental agreement. I thought what rental agreement and sure enough I looked in the box and they want to rent me this useless %^%$&&@@, come on, I have been on BB since 2002 and am on my fourth router/modem.

I tried to reply, the e-mail bonced back, obviously they do not want to hear from me.

So I got a letter dated August 2006, no day, just month and year.
They asked for the contract.

I have written back telling them I do not intend to sign a contract I did not agree to and they can have the wifi modem back, which I did not reqeust, I was told it was a box to make phone calls over the net, also I would not have agreed to a rental, so how much would that tie me in for. So send me a prepaid label and I will send the box back.
Oh and I asked for my MAC code.


  STREETWORK 18:09 30 Aug 2006

Strange, My daughter requested the MAC from Orange in order to change to BT, no problems it was given to her and emailed.

Ring again, stamp your feet and insist, also suggest reporting the situation to the nominet register. You will get the code, just tell them you are changing providers.

You could also speak to your intended ISP.

As to the kit, well if you agreed to the contract or change of contract you may be stuck with it. But as they have agreed to refund you and you have offered to send the equipment back this should be as simple as the colour orange. If they mess about with the kit, consider it a gift.

As a mater of interst I called Orange (my current ISP) and asked for my MAC code, got it with no problems.

  Widows Son 01:31 31 Aug 2006

to send my Mac code out so it may yet come - its unacceptable - OFCOM told me that it should be within 3 (or was it 5?) working days but that they had no way to enforce it.

They are currently looking at changing the rules and are looking for public responses click here

  willymagic 08:58 31 Aug 2006

sorry about your troubles.. prob not going to help much here but i was with freeserve/wanadoo/orange for years until i recently changed to BT.. got my MAC code within 24 hrs! but then i did sweet talk the lady operator and told her she had a lovely accent! ;)

  TC 16:47 12 Sep 2006

Well, I still do not have a MAC code, it must be just me.
I wrote and told them I want my MAC code and last week (Friday) I got a phone call at work from orange, they asked me to confirm my date of birth etc and said the would deal with my reqeust.
So lets see......
Maybe its cause I have been with them sooo long my MAC code is stuck.


  Sic 16:06 14 Sep 2006

I decided to look around for a new provider and phoned AOL for my MAC code, total nightmare for them to accept i wanted it, they agree after nearly half an hour of sustained brow beating anp promise to email it to me.

30 mins later i get this email:

'Dear AOL Member,

You contacted us recently asking for a MAC (migration authorisation code) to enable you to migrate your broadband service to another ISP.

Unfortunately it has not been possible for us to create a MAC because your AOL Broadband service has already been cancelled.

We're very sorry you've decided to leave AOL Broadband at this time. If you'd like to return to us at any point in the future, we would, of course, be delighted to welcome you back. If you'd like any further information on the benefits of AOL Broadband, or to re-order, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 200 6254.

You should now contact your new ISP in order to set up your broadband service.

We wish you the very best for the future.

Yours sincerely,

AOL Broadband Team

so what do u guys reckon to that??!!

  Stuartli 17:19 14 Sep 2006

It presumably means that AOL has taken its markers off the line and it should (in theory at least) be available to another ISP.

  Sic 11:58 18 Sep 2006

Stuartli, but i had not cancelled my account when i asked for the MAC code! It seems on the face of it that AOL are going out of their way to make life difficult for me in moving!

  thickasaplank 12:14 18 Sep 2006

glad it's not just me , contacted orange 3 times , still no mac code !

  Stuartli 12:29 18 Sep 2006

>>to make life difficult for me in moving!>>

...and, no doubt, to get rid of its software afterwards...:-)

  TC 14:02 18 Sep 2006

Well, anothere week. Still no MAC code even though they did phone me, must be around two weeks ago and said they were dealing with the request.
Note I did not agree to any contract, which is why I refused to sign any paper work.
It is about time I changed, it has been over 4 year now and for 99% of that time I have been paying £27.99 for a max of 1.1 mbit.

Perhaps I could phone them again, or perhaps I should write to Offcom, I think thats who the people are that deal with these matters.

If I don't have it by the end of the week I will give them a ring.
This seems like toooo much effort.
I like the AOL problem, even that would be an improvement for me.

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