What Graphics Card on this old machine ?

  Heefie 18:04 23 Apr 2008

My son wants to play RF Online on our old PC, a Gateway E3400 but I am getting a DirectX error.

I think this is because the spec is just too old, the Motherboard is a Gateway MX841 with an inbuilt Graphics card.

The Manual, found at click here says :

AGP 4X expansion slot or graphics integrated on system board.

What I'd like to know is, what decent card can I put in this Motherboard without breaking the bank ?!?

Any help appreciated ...

hello heefie the minimum system specs are shown here click here
it says
Pentium/Athlon 800MHz
3.5GB Hard Disk Space (possibly more for future content updates)
DirectX 9.0c
Broadband Internet Connection 128Kbps or higher
DirectX compatible sound card
Supported Direct3D compatible video card
ATi 8500 / Geforce 3 or higher video card (not MX
kind regards akanic

also you could try updating direct :) cheers akanic

for got the x on directx lol

if you dont mind buying from ebay try this one
click here
they are realy cheap cards to buy :) kind regards akanic

  Heefie 18:45 23 Apr 2008

The machine has a Pentium III 800, 256 Mb RAM (updating to 512), WinXP, plenty of disk space, up to date DirectX 9.0c, all tests pass in DXdiag but with some Info/Warning messages, no problem with Sound card or DSL line ...

So I just want to put in the best (affordable !!!) video card that that M/B will take & rather than spend the next week trawling through ebay, Komplett, Dabs & whoever else I can find, trying to decide which cards are compatible, I thought I'd ask the experts <s> !!!

glad i could help Heefie :) kind regards akanic

  Strawballs 22:30 23 Apr 2008

You say it has a 4X AGP slot then any one of these will work click here don't worry that they say 8X your will just run at 4X.

  woodchip 19:14 25 Apr 2008

You may be trying to fit a old PCI card into a AGP slot as it does say in the speck you posted AGP4. But a PCI card would work if fitted in a spare PCI slot. But it may not be fast enough

  Heefie 19:48 25 Apr 2008

No, it's definitely an AGP card, a friend has just told me that different speed AGP cards have different slots, so I guess that this card is newer than the M/B can handle !!!

I assume that I will have to specifically buy an old AGP 4x card if this is the case ?!?

  Strawballs 21:30 25 Apr 2008

All AGP cards fit the same slot

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