What do you think of Apple iCloud?

  PC Advisor 17:44 08 Jun 2011

What do you think of Apple iCloud? Have your say in our latest poll.

  bremner 18:52 08 Jun 2011

"Seems alright" is about right to me.

I have been using Mobileme and prior to that .mac - me really did not add much and was a lost opportunity. Only time will tell if the iCloud will be what Apple claim it can be.

ps wheres Preview gone?

  Algerian peter 18:52 08 Jun 2011

It will be another apple success story. The ability to access documents, files and most things from any location in the world will aid business and normal users.

This will be an innovation that the all so rans ( microsoft) will try to follow.

  bremner 18:55 08 Jun 2011

Algerian peter

The ability to access files 'world wide' has been available on .Mac and MobileMe for many years. However it has been painfully slow even on very fast broadband connections both uploading and downloading.

  raziel08 19:21 08 Jun 2011

In my opinion this move will bring cloud computing to the knowledge of the masses. For the most part if I mention cloud computing to many friends and family i have to go the depths of explaining how it works.

For the most part people will believe that Apple are geniuses for creating this revolutionary way of accessing files.

Personally i have used both dropbox and glideos (www.glidedigital.com) for years both or which are essentially cloud computing.

This is possibly only been released due to the pending launch of Google's cloud computers.

Just my opinion.

  canarieslover 19:54 08 Jun 2011

When we all get guaranteed unrestricted broadband then perhaps it will take off. As it is there are a lot of users to whom streaming TV is totally out of the question because their download limits would put them in trouble inside the first week of the month. Possibly I'm a Luddite, but, having been using computers since the ZX81, I am only comfortable when I know exactly where my data is stored, and also the two backups that I have.

  ams4127 20:44 08 Jun 2011

I wholeheartedly agree with canarieslover on this. My data will stay on my computer and it's backup disks.

Just don't complain when Apple's Cloud servers get hacked (and they assuredly will at some time).

  wee eddie 23:00 08 Jun 2011

Out in the backwoods, the only Cloud we are likely to see, carries rain.

  ams4127 23:04 08 Jun 2011

" Rain data keeps falling on my head..."

Doesn't quite scan, somehow!

  cycoze 23:53 08 Jun 2011

It's cloud computing with an "i" in front of it!

Google Mail/Docs , Microsoft Live are already running as clouds, aren't they?

Apple always seem to put on a great show when they come out with a new product, I am sure it will have many people signing up to it especially as it will be free to start with, but most are already using clouds in some form already even if they don't realise it.

In the future it will probably be a lot cheaper and easier for businesses to work from clouds saving them money on both software and hardware upgrade as their work will be done via a browser.

Security might be a worry, yes vendors will employ experts to fend off attacks etc, but we have recently seen big players get hit, all something to take into consideration.

Back to the original question, What do I think of Apple iCloud? not a new idea, but being apple will have it's own legion of fans, which in turn will make it successful within it's own branded World.

  Forum Editor 00:17 09 Jun 2011

As a concept, cloud computing is a no-brainer. The ability to store data files and media on a remote secure server, and access the files from a remote location on any device that has internet access has obvious advantages. Cloud computing isn't a new thing - Microsoft has a well-developed service aimed at business users - but lots of people dismiss it as not for them because of its perceived complexity, and because of their fears about file security.

Anyone who runs a PC or Mac, plus a netbook, iPad, iPhone and/or laptop knows how Steve Jobs hit the nail on the head when he said 'keeping all these devices in sync is driving us crazy'. The Apple Cloud will simplify the process to such an extent that after a while anyone who travels or works and plays in multiple locations will wonder how he/she managed without it. The Apple cloud's big advantage is that it will be perceived as being simple, and it will be free.

There are other cloud providers, but the success of cloud computing services largely depends on trust. Users must feel they can trust the provider to secure their files at all times, even though most non-business users will store nothing more confidential than their mum's secret recipe for peach crumble.

Apple's free service is likely to be successful because of the trust people have in the brand's ability to stop that recipe from falling into the wrong hands. I look forward to the launch - Microsoft,be very afraid.

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