What are the Pro`s & Con`s of a Imac PC

  premier man 17:49 15 Sep 2009

I amm looking to buy an 20" Imac PC.
What are the Pro`s & Con`s ??

Pros and Cons as opposed to what? A Windows PC? An Apple laptop?

  Forum Editor 00:47 16 Sep 2009

are that it's a Mac, and therefore it looks great. It performs pretty well, too, and the price isn't bad for a Mac. It will be quiet, too.

On the downside it isn't going to be a gamer's dream , but that may not bother you. You could get a similarly specified PC for less, but it wouldn't look as good on the desk.

All in all you'll be getting a lovely looking general-purpose computer, but don't buy it if gaming is your thing.

  premier man 11:32 16 Sep 2009

[email protected] Thanks, I shall be changing from a Windows PC,
FE No, I won`t be using it for gambling, just as a family pc.
A friend of mine has one and it looked very good,that is what made me think about getting one,
I assume it is easy enough to transfer files etc over?

  interzone55 12:18 16 Sep 2009

"I assume it is easy enough to transfer files etc over"

Never assume.

If you keep the iMac operating system then none of your existing software will work without using some kind of virtualisation software like Parallels Desktop.

The best way to guarantee that your software will work is to duial book the Mac using Boot Camp, but you'll have to buy a fresh, full Windows licence and lose the main advantage of the iMac, which is the easy to use OS (I say easy, but I can't get my head round OS X at all, and can't stand the single button mouse).

Your files may work with the new OS, things like photos and MP3 files will be OK. If you have documents and spreadsheets then it's most likely they won't work without additional software, but the free Open Office will happily work with most MS Office files...

  donki 13:45 16 Sep 2009

If you aren't intrested in gaming I'd personally go for the iMac. It will take you a while to get used to the new operating system and the way the touch pad works but it is quite intuative. I have both PC and iMac and inless i am gaming i always use the iMac. I wouldnt bother putting windows on it either as Snowleopard is excellent.

  donki 13:49 16 Sep 2009

Sorry swap touch pad for mouse, blonde moment.

  bremner 14:34 16 Sep 2009

A couple of points.

The Mac has not had a single button mouse for some years. The Mighty Mouse is a two button mouse where you set the secondary button response in System Preferences.

OS X is very easy to use once you have got used to it. It knocks (Leopard) spots off of any Windows OS.

Mac application software is generally a little more expensive than Windows but there is loads of free stuff out there.

  sunnystaines 16:36 16 Sep 2009

had use of one for guests in a hotel for a few days.

good screens, fast,

other than browsing and photographics they cannot do much, no box to replace / add hardware seemed to be all squeezed in behind the monitor.

  bremner 17:26 16 Sep 2009

"other than browsing and photographics they cannot do much"

What is it you want to do that they can't?

  Quiet Life 18:17 16 Sep 2009

Itried the imac experience a while ago and was not impressed.
click here
The variation of colour in the monitor was a big problem and if you decide to go that route make sure this problem does not apply. Other manufacturers like hP ,Dell etc are doing stand alone PC Monitors like an Imac and being PCs are more versatile.

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