Web site sound not playing on an i-mac

  Quiet Life 23:47 07 Dec 2007

I have a website where I have background music on the pages.
These are wav files and play OK on PCs but on a recently purchased i-mac I do not get sound. I understand i.tunes plays wav files but there is clearly something wrong. Help appreciated.

  MAJ 00:38 08 Dec 2007

oh lucky i-mac users. Seriously though, Quiet Life, there's nothing as bad ('cept maybe Flash) as a website with background music.

  Kemistri 01:35 08 Dec 2007

Beat me to it. click here

  MAJ 09:36 08 Dec 2007

".........It's just as bad as Flash-only pages that cannot be circumvented (heck, Flash-only pages period)........"

Couldn't agree more, Kemistri. I'm fairly easy-going and laid-back, but there's little else on the web that annoys me more.....

  Quiet Life 17:02 08 Dec 2007

If anybody can answer my question rather than give opinions on how they feel about music on web sites I would be grateful.

  Kemistri 17:58 08 Dec 2007

I'm sure you would, and I'm sorry that we cannot come up with the solution. But keep in mind the fact that this is not a Mac forum, so the vast majority (based on published usage figures, probably around 95%) of users will not have developed on a Mac platform. I sometimes test in Safari, but I test CSS, not muzak.

  MAJ 19:42 08 Dec 2007

As Kemistri has hinted at, I'm not a Mac user either. But trying to be a little more positive in solving your problem, do all websites with music playing in the background display the same problem on your Mac? If they do, then check your browser settings, for example, in Internet Explorer (which I use) there is an option to turn music in websites on and off, surely your browser has the same? Does your Mac play music okay from other sources, CD's, Files, etc.? If not, check your sound card's options in whatever a Mac's equivilent to a PC's Control Panel is.

But do rethink the whole idea of music in webpages, unless of course it's only for family and friends.

  Quiet Life 23:55 09 Dec 2007

Thanks MAJ it is a family site done with Front page on my PC. There is a test site on the web for a wav file and it played OK so the necessary plugin appears to be working. Sound playback works on CDs files etc. Only had the i-mac four days so I will dig a bit deeper for a solution.

  Quiet Life 17:33 13 Dec 2007

Discovered the new i-macs are not all they are cracked up to be. The screens are substandard and a grey band scrolled from top to bottom will vary down to almost white. In addition a grey solid colour on the screen is very patchy with the left side and top and bottom showing much lighter.
Scrolling was jerky hard on the eyes. Advisor pages started momentarily with black lines round all the posts before reverting to normal.
Cut my losses and returned the i-mac. The screen is a big problem with numerous (thousands of postings)on the apple forum so Apple have a bigproblem with these new machines.
Problem gone away so will tick as resolved

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