Washing Machine

  Shopgirl 19:56 15 Mar 2011

I have a Hotpoint First Edition 1000.
The problem is
1:It keeps filling up with water and emptying.
2: The machine does not spin.
3 :The program keeps clicking but nothing happens
The washing then needs to be taken out and excess
water removed manually.
Can anybody help me with this problem.
The washing machine is twelve years old.
It was the last Hotpoint machine made

  namtas 20:27 15 Mar 2011

Make sure that the machine is disconnected from the power source. Check the drive belt to make sure that it is intact. Check the electric motor, most common fault is worn motor brushes, tilt machine and give the motor a fairly sound thump with the wooden end of a a hammer, or plastic handled screwdriver. NOTE HANDLE END. sometime this is enough to reset the brushes and prove the problem. If this gets it going then you will have to clean the commutator and replace the brushes.

  chub_tor 22:07 15 Mar 2011

Sounds like it needs a new programmer to me. click here

  john 52 22:11 15 Mar 2011

have a look at this website

click here

  birdface 23:37 15 Mar 2011

Not sure if that one has a filter at the bottom right hand side or not.
It would clog up with fluff and thread and stop letting the water escape.
Or maybe the water pump is clogged up as well.
Not spinning.Belt broken or loose.or worn brushes.
You can buy brushes at any washing machine repair shop all you need is the make and model number of the W/machine.
And of course it could be the programmer.
I would say probably the brushes needing renewed.
And filter or pump needing cleaned out.

  Condom 02:08 16 Mar 2011

The fact that it is still filling up and emtying suggests that the pump is OK but there is never any harm checking that the filter is clear. A comon fault is believe it or not these little bra wires which escape occasionally and jam the impellors. You can normally do this from a small panel at the bottom front of most machines.

It also sounds from your description that the program is still working so It might just be a broken drive belt which is a simple thing to replace and you should still be able to get one. Indeed it might just have slipped of if it is worn which it might very well be at 10 years old.

If that is not your problem then it could be the motor brushes which again is not a big job. Try taking the back off your machine and then run it and watch what is or what is not happening and you should then get a cleaer idea of what your problem might be. If it is something else then a new machine is often a better bet than an expensive repair. Hope this helps

  BT 08:47 16 Mar 2011

Are you sure?
I have a Hotpoint Aquarius 900 and it certainly isn't any where near 12 years old.

  birdface 10:13 16 Mar 2011

12 years old and what it will cost to repair maybe better spent on a new machine.
If you have managed to last 12 years without replacing the brushes in the motor you have done well.
£20-£30 for new brushes and that may not be the cause of the problem.
If the drum is not rotating that would be the main cause or the belt being loose.
Always best leaving it to someone who knows what they are doing.
You would normally take the top part offf the washing machine and that should let you get into the motor.
Brushes are easy to change only 2 of them and they should pull out and replaced by the new ones.
I can't remember if I had to remove the motor or not to get to the brushes but I think I managed without taking it out.

If drive belt is intact (tensioned around motor & drum) Its almost cetain to be carbon brushes in motor. Worth repairing if rest of machine is good.

  dms_05 11:55 23 Mar 2011

I liked this quote from the site recommended by seekit:

"It amuses us greatly that people can easily wash a load of clothes that cost more then the washing machine they're in"

  SB23 15:39 23 Mar 2011

This happened on an old machine of mine a few years back, thankfully it was insured, and replaced. The cause was a burned out main circuit board, one component had failed causing the machine to fill and empty. They said it was more economical to replace it, so they did.

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