A Virtual Machine like Sandbox is Running.Warning

  birdface 15:51 30 Jan 2009

Hi just ran SIW and there was an update for it.So downloaded it.And now when I run it I get a warning box saying A Virtual machine [like Sandbox] is running.Do you want to continue Yes/No Press no and it removes SIW press yes and it says A Virtual machine [like Sandbox] is running but then you can continue.It is all a bit double dutch to me anyone tell me if this is normal or not.Or what Virtual machine is or does.I removes SIW from the computer completely then rebooted and reinstalled but still the same message.

  crosstrainer 15:55 30 Jan 2009

This is part of the security SIW (Don't use it myself, so not up to date on it) The article may help though.

Some info:

click here_(computer_security)

  Technotiger 16:03 30 Jan 2009

Hi, do you have Open Office Org 3 installed? Sandbox is part of that. It is safe to run SIW.

  birdface 16:44 30 Jan 2009

No I don't have that installed.Just wondering if it could be part of IE8 which I downloaded the other day.crosstrainer thanks for that.I had a look at it earlier but I have my Wurzel Gummage head on to day and could not understand it.[ It is safe to run SIW] Well that will do for me.Will just have to find out how to get rid off the warning box.Mind you I very rarely run it so it should not make a lot of difference.
Thank you both for your help.

  Technotiger 16:49 30 Jan 2009

I have the same 'warning' accompanying my SIW - don't worry about it.

In my case it is associated with Open Office. If you do a normal Search for Sandbox, you should then see which app on your pc it applies to.

  birdface 17:06 30 Jan 2009

Ok many thanks for your help.Up to then I had never heard of Sandbox or Virtual Machine so I was a bit concerned.Will now class as resolved.And once again thank you both for your help and advice.

  birdface 10:13 31 Jan 2009

Just read this.So maybe IE8 problem.
Internet Explorer 8 RC1 has also implemented the “sandbox” concept, the same used in Google Chrome. Therefore, each opened tab has its own corresponding process, which means that if a browsing tab stops responding, it will not affect the other ones.

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