Vintage Apple computer sold for

  Ex plorer 09:27 30 May 2013

Have any of you got an old Vintage Apple PC in you garage.

One of Apple's first computers, a functioning 1976 model, has been sold for a record 516,000 euros (£441,000).

I have a couple of early lug-gables in working order or they did work last time I looked at them but not Apple.

Also have a oldish 386 still in its carton with all disks books etc its unused but faulty. It blows fuses when switched on, in the PC, I will have to dig it out. Forgot about till now.

  Quickbeam 10:53 30 May 2013

I view all that sort of stuff as obsolete, worthless and completely disposable.

Now if I were to find a pre-war Norton International to racing spec in a barn... everyone to their own!

  Terry Brown 12:26 30 May 2013

When you look at some of the old (they call them Antiques) stuff they sell today and the prices people will pay for them, I can only conclude that some people have more money than sense, unless you want them for either Resale (to another mug) or sentimental value.


  Quickbeam 12:43 30 May 2013
  bumpkin 14:40 30 May 2013

Quickbeam, time to hide in the toilet if it's your round next:-)

  kad292 16:40 30 May 2013

Quickbeam, I am salivating (metaphorically speaking)at the thought, though a Brough Superior or an Vincent HRD,if no one wants, sends vibrations through my thighs.

There are times when i question the "classic" status accorded to various items,automotive or otherwise,legacy may be an appropiate standard but are they really worth that much.

  caccy 17:24 30 May 2013

My best clothes must be worth a fortune!!

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